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a boy

230 views. 2017-4-18 17:37

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    I once read a message online, what kind of people you want to befriend?
    A wisdom one after went through the mud, a strong one while entering the world or a sunshine ordinary one.
    A wisdom one, actually, most of us are all armored in this fast growing society, sometime the position pinpoints what we prior to do. After through the asperities, we are instinctive to avert the abyss or be caught. I hardly appreciate this kind of people due to the life essence. Yes, i acknowledge to prone to be one of that group. The angle of assessing the thing, the veil of ways of thinking and the results driven. Sometime, short term goal and long term direction is opposite but you have to choose the pragmatic one even through it may not chosen from your bottom of your heart. Like you permeate the one in front of you, knowing what he may going on or the everything behind the scene which equip you to decipher everything just to assure you not to be involved.
    A strong one, with enough bravery or assertion. Sorry, i less in favor. Something too harsh is easily to be broken and effortlessly hurt the surroundings. Never painstaking on the road and egoism, after turning back to see the empty desolate.
    I very like the sunshine ordinary one, the purest smile and good soul. The boy outside my office is one of them. Goodhearted and stick to his heart. Say what he really think of and good attitude to the life. Good boy and hope you well in the future. That kind of people beautify the surroundings, positive your mind and purify the air. Good scenery around you.

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