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translation---knowledgeble people

136 views. 2018-6-22 14:13

Knowledgeble People

I know some knowledgeble people. They are another creature.

They do research for the history of Rome, know about the originality of each grain, always disscussing subject invloving" the size of the ship Zheng he`s voyage to the West", " in whick industry may the next scientific revolution fall on" , "who is adultery with who in Dream of Red Mansion“, they are pretty clear knowing about that.

That is what i have no slight idea about it, so going along with them, i feel horrid all time.

The question is being as a doctor of liberal arts, i seems to be knowledgeble. They counting on me to know what is the difference in Austrilia and Canda election,  relying on me to elaborately explain the human race evolution impact on Central Asia and explain gliddingly to the meaning of the year of 1942. But, how do i know these things, i am only a human.

Acutually i once also attempted to be actknowledgeble, sometimes stay up nights, gnawing the heavy books to "accidently" copiously quote authoritative works at discuss the next day. And i find, as usually, when i read to the 100 page, then i forget the first 50 page content, when i am back regain the first 50 page content, i also forget the 100 page content, then i go around and around, painstaking, at last with huge effort after all troubles i rememble all content, one month later, forget all the things including the author of the book.

Knowledgeble people they are magical, their brain like spider web, clinging all the things. Mine, as a sharp contrast like a watermellon rind, all the knowledgeble stepping on it, gone with no slight trace.

After accept this point, come from jealousy, i start to widespread“knowledge wisdom unrelated theory". My point is: knowledge is only the information, the wisdom means the insight. A illiteracy country old lady may have in-depth insight, whereas a man reads volumes may analysis the problem distorted. I even point out a more devil point"the negative correlation theory of knowledge and wisdom". I narrowly generalize that knowledgeble people by giving unstoppable examples to effortlessly win the debates without many logicity, the most people react speechless due to unable to put on the fair example which exacerbate knowledgeble people logic incapability. In fact, i know it is not a firmly scientific method of demonstration.

After that demonstration, i am exhilarated and got huge mental comfort.

But the problem is due to the demonstration distortion, i get no any empathy. People still rely on me, as a doctor of literal arts, knowing the difference in Austrilia and Canada election, clearly clarifying the human race evolution impact on Central Asia and the meaning of the year of 1492.

So i know one day i am standing on the stage, mocked by the global due to without some commonsense.

It seems to counting on chips. The newspaper said that one day the human would invent a kind one chip which containning Encyclopedia, you could use brain to google the chip and being knowledgeble as extreme as you want. Brilliant expectation, i hope one day i could walk into stationery shop and say to the sales: give me a brain hardware.

The sales asks:which kind, we have plug-in, built in, 40G, 100G.

i interrput: the utmost, plug in.

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