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what a fool i am. I writing the blog but mistakenly close the page and all the thing gone.
  • ada23: hundred words and now i even can not remember what i wrote to repeat, sometime when the enthusiasm gone or inspiration gone, it is killingly. (1-25 21:41)
  • lovingfun:   It offers you a chance to write better. (1-28 06:25)
2017-1-25 21:36 Reply|
, the red envelop means the luck you want to spread and got nothing to do with the money. So i think the people you give cares about the money not the wishes. What a disturbed man.
2015-3-5 11:58 Reply|
, good harvest. Enjoy the good mood.
2015-3-5 11:55 Reply|
2014-4-21 16:24 Reply|
still waiting
2014-4-9 17:59 Reply|
2014-3-21 17:20 Reply|
2014-3-15 22:00 Reply|
2014-3-2 22:09 Reply|
2014-2-28 19:03 Reply|
2014-2-2 21:57 Reply|
half moon, then forget him
2014-1-5 23:33 Reply|
2013-12-23 21:56 Reply|
2013-12-23 21:55 Reply|
let my cellphone explode, give me the interviews
2012-8-14 15:15 Reply|
give me interviews,give me the expected job!
2012-8-11 09:58 Reply|
2009-2-6 17:01 Reply|

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