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Shares Who'll be one my partner to practice oral English .
2013-5-28 14:43
Here ,I honestly want you to become my English learning partner .We in this relationship can frequently practice English through the internet .Also,we do improve much from mutual communication . My contact method :QQ 472799073 or you can directly reply here .
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Shares Same old .
2012-6-1 10:22
Life is going on as the water under the bridge flowing quietly .So ,I haven't been here for a long time .nothing's changed.I'm same old too . Last weekend ,I had bought a new book named The Story Of Helen Keller .Although I haven't started reading it ,but I 'm sure it'll ...
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Shares A wild cat
2012-4-26 20:16
A wild cat
Tomorrow night ,there was a sweet cat coming up at my home while we were having supper .We were strangly looking at the cat ,and the cat staggered outside the open door .In the next moment ,we'd got a good idea that we'd attract it with some meat in our meal .I pick up a meat with chopsticks ...
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Shares When students are silly .
2012-4-13 16:18
When students are silly .
I'’ve just readed off a magizine published in England.And it's always offering a lot of funny pics .there's no time for me to writte more .It's almost gonna be the end ofmy work time .
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Shares Your next great presentation from Reader's digest
2012-3-6 15:10
Have you ever given a presentation .I think that must be yes .But you might be nervers till now ,and be afraid to giveanother since one bad experience .So there's some advise as fellows .Five tips are simple but useful .You can remember some advise that you can't do ,then you can do an ...
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Shares Let you know about dentists
2012-2-22 19:30
Previouly ,we knew that it's a big charges for western people .In Amercia.there's also 40 percent of people don't have denal insurance .and a person might borrow money from the bank for see a dentist .and recently ,i also learned that a person wants to be a dentist who needs a large number o ...
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Shares learn about deep frying a turkey
2011-11-9 10:46
Essential tips for deep frying a turkey DO'S first ,make sure the turkey is dead .useless word you might think of this word . second,make sure you add enough oil to envelop the turkey ,calculate the exact amount by filling the fryer with water (not beer )beforehand and submer ...
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Shares today is my birthday .think you minilover
2011-8-18 13:16
earlier morning ,it's a big surprise onthe table when i got home .and it's gift .i fully forgot my birthday .so what a big surprise !!!!think you minilover (i named youthis new word ) . now i will go for lunch .i'm so happy to write it down fir ...
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Shares Two terrible things .
2011-8-3 14:17
in the past five days , my doby is in the week state for getting a fever .and in the begainning two days ,i refuse to take some medicine. untill the third day ,i realize i want to take some because i should go to work tomorrow .now ,five days have gone .there is also someth ...
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Shares Library for reading.
2011-7-27 13:14
recently ,i found that i have put too much time in surfing interenet so there is a little for me to do some reading .what's the reason caused that .and the first thing is we live in a digital world ,since we use the digital things ,we can hardly live without them .especially ,the computer .the seco ...
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