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  • Real NameTeddy
  • GenderMale
  • Birthday1988 -
  • Birthplace江西 南昌
  • Residence江西 南昌
  • Blood TypeA
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lumy 2011-9-1 22:53
Teddy126: Greetings and Good day~
thx u2
lumy 2011-8-1 13:17
Teddy126: Greetings and Good day~
thx~    nice day~
Evania 2011-7-28 12:10
Teddy126: Oh my god~~~E, take a look at the comments~~~
Frankly, it's kinda pressing...
Sheena1208 2011-7-26 18:59
Teddy126: Hi, nice to be here, your style of writing is fascinating.
So sorry for my late reply. I will come here more often and write more. Heihei.
claire1989 2011-7-18 14:50
Teddy126: I come, I see, I meet you~Ha, greetings
me too
claire1989 2011-7-16 09:18
Teddy126: I come, I see, I meet you~Ha, greetings
nice to see you .
Evania 2011-7-13 21:32
Footprints of eva girl...
starry 2010-11-6 22:43
so cute, your profile
linda@crab 2010-10-20 09:27
Teddy126: Greetings~
Angela_smile 2010-10-12 15:52
I like your headphoto very much, because I have the same teddy bear. It is so cute.
SarahSendoh 2010-9-14 16:46
Teddy126: Hi,you are after your doctoral degree?
Thank you my friend! Actually, i'm preparing for the entrance examination~~I didn't speak this language for 2 years, so now it's really a disaster to me~>_<
Catherine2012 2010-9-10 23:07
Teddy126: Every time I saw your avantar,or your back profile rather, it reminds me of someone I knew.
hehe one of your friends??
bluebird 2010-8-30 16:21
Teddy126: What a graceful and artisitic piece of drawing this bluebird is~
Let me guess,is it out of your skillful hand?
No, I just chose the picture from internet. I'm clumsy at drawing.
Macy-chen 2010-8-29 14:37
Teddy126: What a cute rabbit~~~
thank you!that it's my favourite
liaoxiaoyan 2010-8-25 11:59
no, it is my first job. but the main workline is to copy and paste something. no progress, i think.
why i make comments so slowly ? because the grate is too low ??? pls tell me....thanks
yuan_chen2008 2010-8-21 22:28
Teddy126: Greetings
And welcome aborad~
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