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  • something are really attractivelty when happen to begin but disappointed to the end,that's talk about imagine and reality. Reply
  • what is reality?someting,somewhere,who knows,who care? Reply
  • long time no see you,my friends here,hope happy and lucty beeing with you Reply
  • i lose mself Reply
  • when it comes that way,you dont have to free yourself from someone while someone will diapare quitely. Reply
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who are you ? 2012-05-24
well ,it seems too common that we will cant constrol ourselves to ask or imagine who you are when we find the relation is important.we want to konw w ...
(920) Views|(2) Replies
i want you 2011-11-03
i want show the world with you,it was feelings it was what i want these. where you want to go?let me follow your setp. what kind of the world y ...
(1078) Views|(5) Replies
please be crazy 2011-10-06
there is someting in the world,well,sometimes you even think you come form for them,then you will ignor anyone else just to fit them and change yours ...
(1089) Views|(17) Replies
even the best... 2011-09-22
even the best ting will be worng,make us angry and lose passion.we need take care about our mind,keep a distance, form heaven to hell just by a ...
(1232) Views|(10) Replies
one the way 2011-08-07
if the clock sotp but time will pass in his way if i turn out but the fire is burning night and day if the gud tell me you dispare in th ...
(1102) Views|(8) Replies

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snowflying 2012-11-23 20:51
MRyang: long time no see you,hope everyting goes well~
really so glad to see you coming here today.actually we all don't visit here as usually as before.wish all of you well,my friend.
yaping 2012-9-14 11:59
MRyang: oh,take care of yourself
u too~
cabin 2012-9-12 00:15
MRyang: so how days going?
always something out of my control
yaping 2012-9-6 20:35
MRyang: long time no see you
Yep~ really a little bit busy~
snowflying 2012-4-29 22:18
MRyang: yeah,and how about you?nice weeken~
heee, fine too. happy labour day. Maldive room...
snowflying 2012-4-16 21:46
everything well?? Mr..yang,hehe
snowflying 2012-4-6 20:45
MRyang: hi,long time no see~hope veryting will be ok!
oh, thanks million, my friend. i'm fine. your life well too? wish so.
snowflying 2012-3-5 19:14
MRyang: how tings going?my friend,hope everyting is OK~^ ^
ohhhh, really so long time no your shade here. whether visit here or not, only wish good for all around you.
rachelzhaorui 2012-2-10 23:11
MRyang: and how was that?
Eh, feel good~ But still waiting for the result~~
rachelzhaorui 2012-2-1 21:25
MRyang: e..long time no see you
Haha, I was preparing the postgraduate entrance exam~ After all, I come back~~
snowflying 2012-1-3 18:16
Happy new year, my friend, though today is the 3rd day,hehe..
cabin 2012-1-2 02:47
MRyang: merry Xmas!
Happy New Year!
thank you Mr. Yang.
yaping 2011-12-25 09:04
MRyang: Merry Xmas!
snowflying 2011-12-24 21:45
Merry xmas, my friend.
snowflying 2011-12-15 18:04
MRyang: so,what do you like better between them?maybe i wound change it back
both i like too, blue is my favarate colour. now my coat is blue too,hehe..
snowflying 2011-12-10 20:26
the new one surely fresh, even i always think of your shallow blue one, be aliked someway.
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