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  • Everything turn back to the beginning after Four months. Reply
  • I will go to Fuzhou to see Lee Minho on friday, hope that there will not be too croweded,  I can see him clearly          Reply
  • Find a new job I believe I can do it. Reply
  • hope that eveything will be OK Reply
  • to find what you like the first step you need to be strong, fighting little girl Reply
  • Real NameYelkjunn
  • GenderFemale
  • Birthday
  • Birthplace福建 漳州
  • Residence福建 漳州
  • SchoolMinNan Normal University
  • Blood Type其它

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Year 2019 2019-12-30
For me 2019 is a year which is very normal without the feelings of ups and downs. Because in this year I don’t have any breakthrough and I don’t ...
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My Soulmate 2019-11-21
a soulmate is someone who you love just like you love your own life.  I gratitude that in the last of the year of my 29  god let m ...
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I would rather I have a rational thinking 2019-11-07
Suddently I feel that when you do things with a passionate passion these things will finally turn out to be failed. Because a passionate passion alwa ...
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About Myself 2017-05-30
Life always change and people always become better. As a girl I always burdened to many pressure and responsibilities before, I don’t even know h ...
(420) Views|(0) Replies
Love Affair 2017-05-25
Every relationship can give us some enlightenment.   My first love started when I was in high school and lasted for 5 years, although it ...
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loong 2014-11-5 17:51
2amlittle: Hi, Welcome to my Space
loong 2014-11-5 11:29
Hi i step here
barry_2013 2014-8-12 07:19
hi, your space interface is so beautiful, it is so good.
headmaster 2013-3-25 13:13
2amlittle: You are so young,while you are an undergraduate, it is unbelievable.
It is prevalent phenomenon among people.
headmaster 2013-3-24 22:32
possible 2013-3-10 21:38
hahah...we are fellow-townsman..
Xtasy 2012-1-23 01:29
Another aquarius! Hey, your are my first visitor, nice to meet you!
Ferret 2012-1-6 19:23
it's my honor~how've you been?my friend
DESHENG 2011-12-16 16:15
wangxu 2011-10-5 20:10
i have a roommate from zhangzhou of fujian
Jessfon 2011-8-9 23:08
www.micheacle 2011-2-11 16:59
2amlittle: Why?
no reason,xixi````````
www.micheacle 2011-2-9 17:15
you did a good job
admin 2011-2-6 11:36
2amlittle: Happy New Year
Thank you, happy new year
Mimosa❤ 2010-11-17 20:00
I am an aficionado of 《Chibi Maruko Chan》!
I collect all chinese version of it in my
Nice to be here~
littlegrass 2010-9-22 23:52
On this warm occasion, one of the most simple to you my friend: Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! I wonder whether my wishes can reach you. Let me drink a toast for my rriend with my best wishes.
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