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Shares There Is a Competition There Is a Way
2amlittle 2011-7-24 20:00
I still remembered the days in high school life is full of competition, and I wonder if we work as in the high school today maybe we can achieve a lot of things. Life is always all the same, always full of difficulties, but why we become so lazy or so aggressive since we step into the university. ...
658 views|11 replies
Shares Difference Between Proffessional and Unprofessional
2amlittle 2011-7-19 20:28
As a tool, language has so many function. I t can be used for communicating, it also can be used for expressing one's feelings, what's more it can be used for businesss. Nomatter what it is used for, it has its own situation, and with a brief situation in mind one can learn a language profficiently ...
368 views|0 replies
Shares Learning
2amlittle 2011-7-11 12:36
I remember when I was a high school student to me learning English is not that difficult. But now as a university student who major in English I really feel difficult in learning English. Maybe this is the difference between learning forapply and learning for examination. Without the en ...
419 views|3 replies
Shares Computer addict
2amlittle 2011-5-2 15:12
QQ is just a tool to help you to communicate with others. but it depends on what the people are on your QQ. I found that I don't like to play my QQ, recently. It seems that you step into a sea of crowd and you still stand at on side of the crowd, and no one notice you nor dare you come on to say he ...
461 views|4 replies
Shares To Be Or Not To Be
2amlittle 2011-5-1 21:23
There are a kind of people who deserved to be lonely. Here are so many people they don't happy with life, but they have no choice. Life must go on with its routine. There are times when I really happy buried myself in the book.To be a bookworm sometimes is really happy, but as Hamlet said To Be Or ...
442 views|11 replies
Shares Little or Big
2amlittle 2011-4-29 14:01
sometimes I always wander what can life bring to us girls? and for us what does life means? once you have encountered your Mr right, then the world is full of chocolate, and the life reaches its prime time. but not the end. once you have found your power then you must use your pow ...
318 views|4 replies
Shares Strange Character and Strange Life
2amlittle 2011-4-28 20:36
We are born as a humanbeing, so we destine to face and enjoy the ups and downs of life. There are so many monsters in the world and also the monster genius,such as Haizi, Sanmao, Vincent Van Goghetc. They all inspire us deeply with their distinct character and their way of life. H ...
339 views|0 replies
Shares What Would I be Like in the Future
2amlittle 2011-4-19 22:50
As a student who major in English Literature Isometimes really feel puzzel about my future. Only recently did I find that the global economic crisis do have a passive influence on my future career. And it seems that the job of translation now is staying in a lowpoint in China. And it do ...
544 views|5 replies
Shares Random Thought
2amlittle 2011-2-10 16:51
Our life is consist of so many stage, I know I mustn't feel in love with anybody in this stage in my life. I need to have my own thing I need to realize my dream, although singal-life sometimes be very difficult, but I believe I can get through by myself, and I will see the sunshine at ...
353 views|0 replies
Shares My Dream
2amlittle 2010-10-25 21:24
Inside the heart of my heart,there is a dream to travel in the Europe.I like Europe because it's old buildings,beautiful scineries,different culture. The buildings and streets in the US is different from that of the USA.In London,England you can enjoy all kinds of church,especially,the Westminst ...
358 views|4 replies


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