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Shares life
everlast 2011-11-18 16:39
I didn't know what happened the other night. I kissed the girl that I had a crush for. I know she likes me too. I know there's something I've been longing for out of marriage. I thought that would be something to exite life, but it turned out to be not that easy to have it. Now, I'm totally occupie ...
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Shares Oct. 24
everlast 2011-10-24 00:50
Life is full of tempatations, some of which lead to enjoyment,and others result in sufferings. Don't fall in traps my dear friends. This is all that I've learned from myrecent experience. If you're naive, or someone else in your life is naive, lessons willbe taught to your ...
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Shares oct 23
everlast 2011-10-23 10:27
It is very interesting that an article I read yesterday says thoughts are just a form of energy that mind constantly make. It's only your interest and association with it make it obsessive. Yes, then how should it help to rid ofmy crush withA? It seems I barely can direct my attenti ...
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Shares We're the friend of our selvies
everlast 2011-7-2 08:38
Is it true that some of us haveour hearts wrappedup by somethingso hard that it makes itus less sensitve to truth of our lives.Until some incidents, whatever sorts as long as they are able to touch the bottom ofour hearts, the hard layers outside the hearts ...
675 views|0 replies
Shares the weight of life
everlast 2010-12-2 11:40
To add some weight to your life. I firstly knew this term from the tv drama depicting soldiers life, in Chinese 士兵突击. For some reason, this expression impressed me. Since then, I was subconsciously looking for experiences that could add weight to my life. I am almost 32, own my own apar ...
683 views|3 replies
Shares Yesterday beauty
everlast 2010-8-8 08:48
Ok, after yesterday, I know beautiful girls sometimes are not always as beautiful as they are in your mind. My friend's wifewas a very beautiful girl, bothmy wife and I believe so. She's so beautiful thatboth my wife and I clearly rememberhowshining she wa ...
488 views|3 replies


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