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  • Real Name金欣
  • GenderFemale
  • Birthday1989 - 8 - 4
  • Birthplace上海 长宁
  • Residence北京 海淀
  • Blood TypeA
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Self evaluation 2010-09-18
A new challenge has been there waiting for me, and for sure, it is one of the most critical ones throughout my life. Seeing the ads for campus ...
(980) Views|(21) Replies
Moving…… facing culture divergence 2010-09-04
To tell the truth, I am excited and nervous these days. It is because I am going to move into an unfamiliar dormitory. Tomorrow, I will leave ...
(933) Views|(17) Replies
26个英语字母的爱情意义 2010-08-29
A - accept (接受) “世上没有十全十美的人。”你 爱一个人 ,就必须接受其一切,甚至缺点。 B - belief(信 ...
(756) Views|(20) Replies
【Share】Life is a journey(pictures) 2010-08-28
人生就像是一场旅行,不必在乎目的地,在乎的是沿途的风景以及看风景的心情。 Life is a journey, not a destination. What matters is the scenery on the wa ...
(963) Views|(12) Replies
Choices 2010-08-28
Yesterday, I read a Blog written by friend. It reminded me of something. The fun of life is that you will never know what is going to happen tomorrow; ...
(923) Views|(16) Replies

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littlegrass 2010-9-24 09:59
On this warm occasion, one of the most simple to you my friend: Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! I wonder whether my wishes can reach you. Let me drink a toast for my rriend with my best wishes.
admin 2010-9-22 23:35
Justina8023: Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!
Thank you, Justina
Persistance 2010-9-20 08:23
Justina8023: Love your image! I love dogs~~~ How cute they are!
Persistance 2010-9-20 08:18
Justina8023: Love your image! I love dogs~~~ How cute they are!
Thanks! To me, the dogs represent my boy friend and me.
Persistance 2010-9-20 08:17
Justina8023: Love your image! I love dogs~~~ How cute they are!
Thanks. The dogs, to me, represent my boy friend and me.
Shirlychen.2010 2010-9-19 22:29
Can I reach you here now? Could I ask you a question?
aristotle 2010-9-18 19:07
Justina8023: You have a taste for painting, do you?
no, i find it on the web...
best-liuc 2010-9-12 14:10
Hello nice to meet you ,I am very happy to be friengs with you .
ly.identity 2010-9-4 16:56
Justina8023: Yes!~ It's a good idea~~~ Maybe people cannot distinguish from a real photo.
So, that's a promise?~
ly.identity 2010-9-4 16:52
Justina8023: You are humorous~~~ PS is very useful and interesting, I like it very much.
Maybe we can have a 合照 with the help of PS~
ly.identity 2010-9-4 16:47
Justina8023: What a rare gift~! So the picture it is quite like your real face,right?

To me, it once was supposed to be my one of my most valuable gifts, but since the supposed pretenter has gone away with other, so the only way I get this is do it by myself. Then it's not rare for last night I began to learn Photoshop and I make it, not draw it.
ly.identity 2010-9-4 16:19
Justina8023: I am curious about your image picture.
You draw it by yourself or someone else?
I do hope I have the talent to draw such a kind of picture, but I can't. And it should be a gift from one of my friend.
waywendy 2010-9-3 12:45
Justina8023: Today's Your birthday ?Right?
happy birthday!
yep , thanks a million . Today is my  solar calendar birthday , but I used to celebrate the lunar one . So actually , my birthday will be right this day next week Anyhow , thanks a lot
linda@crab 2010-9-3 11:49
Justina8023: I found them on the Internet.
They are not written by myself.
i see! hehe! you are delegent
linda@crab 2010-9-3 09:10
hi, your home has some four words,that's great. maybe you can teach me more.hehe
waywendy 2010-8-31 09:38
Justina8023: Right……It's my fault…… problem
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