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  • I like walking in the deep night alone .because it can make me more clear and calm to think what to do tomorrow and how to plan for future days .that is right ! Reply
  • you will be the only in my heart never know that how important you are to my life .my salary ! Reply
  • With he time flying. A pecial feeling come to my mind deeply,I should go to another big city where I can show my special ability to all over the world people, the quietly job make me worried . Reply
  • How time fly, It has been four years since the heart was hurt badly. the boy has almost forgot the pain and the beautiful memory that he shared with the special person days ago. he has realized that h Reply
  • It was a hot afternoon ,because of nothing to do, I was sitting in a shopping center watching the people sharing their shopping fun. In right side of me, a clothes shop was closed becasue some worker Reply
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Fighting next year 2010-09-14
  I have worked in this company for about five month,I find that I can not learn enough thing for my live,the comfortable work in usual makes me ...
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Prepare for the future. 2010-08-30
    When I graduated  from college, I found that  it was so easy  to get a job, but what I did not estimate was that I ...
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IT must be better to learn more. 2010-08-29
   This is a free day, I have no work to do, I think it is time for me to have a good rest without any disturbance, when I was thinkin ...
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A bad feeling 2010-08-28
 I have stay in this small company for a long a time, bue there are also so many things that I can not show to other people, I can not make the ...
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Lifeidream 2011-5-30 00:38
hehe long tim no see.sorry that  I am so busy these days
tantan 2011-5-15 22:33
Lifeidream: how are you these days?
I  am  also  good,  thanks   for  your  concern!
crystal727 2011-2-1 00:10
Lifeidream: hehe  certainly,we are friends now,Can I add your QQ number? I want to improve my english speaking by talking with my best friends.I hope that you can
My QQ is 407743203 and please add your name to let me know^^
aiwosuoze 2010-11-27 18:39
Lifeidream: so glad tomeet you here best wishes ..
Nice to meet you .It is nice to meet a friend from afar!!
jeffyang 2010-11-10 04:34
There is a nice greeting conversation video in tudou.
crystal727 2010-10-17 00:17
Lifeidream: Come here quietly and leave my best wishes for you ...
thanks. hoping that we will be good friends ~
sedgehead 2010-10-16 22:06
Lifeidream: haha have not seen you for a long time,best wishes for you and your beautiful wife,I hope to meet yoou in china one day in the future...
yaping 2010-10-16 19:15
touringchina 2010-10-16 13:16
Lifeidream: I come quietly and leave my best wishes for you...
moli 2010-10-16 12:30
Lifeidream: I am so glad to receive your encouragement,best wishes for you and your family.
Lifeidream 2010-10-16 11:42
hehe. I am so sorry that I reply you so late.have a good time with your family.
aiwosuoze 2010-9-27 17:42
Lifeidream: so glad tomeet you here best wishes ..
moli 2010-9-20 13:07
Lifeidream: thanks for your encouragement,let us fight for the dream together.hope to be one of your friends.
It is my pleasure to be one of your friends.
smile-Amy 2010-9-17 11:48
Lifeidream : you looks so lovely.....shall we share the fun of friendship together? Hi      My friends.  sorry for my late reply.I am so happy to be your friends.                                                                       ... ...
2010jj 2010-9-15 20:31
Lifeidream: hehe  what are you eating ??
can you guess?
yaping 2010-9-15 12:15
Lifeidream: glad to see you here ,best wishes for you..
yeah, me too
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