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  • Fall in love with someone, not because they give you what you need, but because he gave you never had the feeling. Reply
  • In fact, the best days, are you in trouble, he is laughing, so warm life. Reply
  • If anything happen to you, make you sad, make you depressed, make you don't understand why have you treated , as you remember Lord Jesus' words: "what I do, now you don't know, later u will understand ... Reply
  • If two people are meant to be together, eventually they'll find their way back. Reply
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lalalala~ 2014-07-07
     first of all,thanking you for every one who care about me.I graduated from university then participated in the work last year, d ...
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Not happy 2014-07-04
   Life is not happy now. Very confused, very helpless.    Recently, i am looking for a job, very headache!    Don ...
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Research on jealousy and its influence factors in college students 2013-05-31
Envy is a widespread psychological phenomenon in the social crowd which tends to have negative effects on talent development, interpersonal ...
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To outstrip of authority

Dr. Erickson's Personality and Life 2012-09-22
Written in 1967 - durring Erickson's Life MILTON H. ERICKSON , M.D., is generally acknowledged to be the world's leading practitioner of medical hy ...
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possible 2014-12-23 23:14
u disappear....
snowflying 2013-6-24 20:12
yaping: My old, long time no here! missing u so much!
hehe,now i'm here,little
Yusuf 2013-4-6 20:37
yaping: Wow~townfellow~
Tonytian 2013-2-25 12:41
xiaoquan 2013-2-1 18:37
possible 2012-11-22 18:04
thanksgiving day..
possible 2012-11-21 13:09
caomingcsdn 2012-9-25 16:36
Haven't come here long time ,now I am with you .aha~
O'Bright 2012-9-23 23:01
yaping: Honey~ what's about ur vacation~
Not bad. hehe. have a sweet dream, dear.
MRyang 2012-9-14 10:01
yaping: Yep~ really a little bit busy~
oh,take care of yourself
MRyang 2012-9-6 11:12
long time no see you
caomingcsdn 2012-7-12 07:56
Have not come here long,hoo~
wilin 2012-5-22 18:21
can I  add you QQ buddy
O'Bright 2012-4-28 13:31
yaping: Hoeny~ what's going on?
Actually, Not very well. just alive~~thanks, honey~
suluoyao 2012-4-22 13:35
yaping: junior~and u?
The same to  U~
suluoyao 2012-4-21 13:31
yaping: Beihua~
O,quite near
What grade are you in?
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