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Shares lalalala~
2014-7-7 11:36
first of all,thanking you for every one who care about me.I graduated from university then participated in the work last year, during the whole yeari worked on education, sales business. some time ago i even read books at home and even ready to work on the software ...
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Shares Not happy
2014-7-4 20:47
Life is not happy now. Very confused, very helpless. Recently, i am looking for a job, very headache! Don't know what to say, just not happy. I do not know why, anyway, i'm not happy. T oo many things, let a people down! I don't know what ...
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Shares Research on jealousy and its influence factors in college students
2013-5-31 17:19
Envy is a widespread psychological phenomenon in the social crowd which tends to have negative effects on talent development, interpersonal relationships, physical and mental health of its owners. College students, as a special group in the social, also suffer from jealousy. Compared with ...
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Shares Dr. Erickson's Personality and Life
2012-9-22 21:59
Written in 1967 - durring Erickson's Life MILTON H. ERICKSON , M.D., is generally acknowledged to be the world's leading practitioner of medical hypnosis. His writings on hypnosis are the authoritative word on techniques of inducing trance, experimental work exploring the possibilities and limits ...
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Shares It's not your fault.
2012-9-12 21:48
Sean: Do you have a soul mate? 西恩:你有心灵伴侣吗? Will: Do I ha…? Define that. 威尔:我有…?说清楚点。 Sean: Somebody who challenges you. 西恩:能够和你匹敌的人。 Will: I have Chuckie. 威尔:我有查克。 Sean: No, Chuckie's family. He'd lie down in fuckin' traffi ...
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Shares Summer
2012-7-22 10:36
The summer vacation has been coming,this summer i don't intent to go back home. Firstly,i have some lessons here for my graduate admission test. besides, i think that is not good for me to go back home when i am free.i should take care for my future, ...
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Shares good day!
2012-7-14 22:02
Last night, my good sisiter Shuqing came back from Changchun, she was in here for an examination, but she has been go back to Changchun this noon. The sisiter used to live across the hall from my door. Now she has been leave a ...
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Shares On Self-Confident
2012-6-8 18:28
On Self-Confident
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