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my this episode is highly sharing and joys makeing,my comrades on Dio

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I must admit I finally hit into this kinda part time teaching crab, am I being such a unpredictable guy??  coz in the back of the class there got a mirror( I hate this) ,,, so recently when I was standing on the stage,  I can see from the mirror how hilarious myself looooooooooooooooooooooooook...yak....god man I am still try ta un-see it..coz its well paid so whatever.....A most funny, undicipline and unpredictable guy is teaching sumbody else how ta speak properly....hahahaha.... and my pals kept pausing when I was trying ta elebrate to them,,and my girl's wondering how this is gonna last longer.....
but stick to the point,,I still wanna share this super fun and " repellent" experience with u guys,,,,,am serious folks....
I finally realized that in the class expecially standing in front of the stage, It seems like everything starts from its initial get go,,,, even basic stuff u gotta emphasis, that makes you had ta block up your free speech in the days.. u had ta prepare everything for your tiny opening( speaking) . it just like firming up everything that you had mastered ages ago. na thats the easy part, most of the idiot guy like us thought that our so called english would be a huge palm to cover a peice of cake like teaching intermediate level champs.. but dude actually this is way too far.. coz I suddently realized that the most uneasy stuff is not what da hell you are teaching,,, is what tricks you are getting infront of the damn class ta catch the followers' attention....thats the one I getting headache from......tHWI....then I uninstalled the ? why COULD the airhead李阳 yelling infront of bunch of jackass, and those audiances still following as a grip of hell haunts...( my personal standpoint)....iTS abt the tricks( of how ta get them into the doors)...
But anyway I mean my life is like a blender,,,,I like ta juice up with plently of flavours to my
valuable life time mocktail..HAHAHA.....Actually its fun of skiing with that but not hard at cheers.....
man,,,I dont know why am writting this,,maybe am always uncontious in my off jus bear with me lahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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Reply guadehen 2011-11-23 13:28
hahahah~~~~~~~man, i come to say hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii... Nice  photograph ha ~~~

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