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Looking for the Happiness

903 views. 2012-7-8 21:04 |

I've been working as a tutor for over half an year. I enjoy getting along with the teenagers. They are so cute and creative that I can't help loving teaching career. They are so funny, however, they are also stressed out by the test-oriented examination. 

I'll take one of my students as an example. She is junior 2. Every night she must finish doing her homework until 10:00.(She said: I know why "homework" is an uncountable noun, cause there are plenty of homework for them to finish) .And at weekends, she is asked to consolidate her study by tutor work or something else. I don't remember how long haven't she gone out for a small trip. As a result, she is quite white and a bit fat. What's worse is that if she failed to get a high mark, she would be insulted or event bullied by her mother sometimes. You know, she is the only child in her family. It's undoubted that she is the apple of her mother's eyes. But this sort of education doesn't work too much. She is still an underachiever of her class. To be sure, I am responsible for her study as well. I've tried my utmost to help her with English learning by all means. This summer vacation, I am going to help her to review the last lessons. And I will prepare very well for her class.

What I want to highlight is that the girl is unhappy. Like a caged bird, she doesn't got much freedom to do anything that she likes. As a matter of fact, we are good friends. She often complains about her life (like her English teacher looks down upon them and assign plenty of homework)and bare her soul to me. Certainly she also focus her mind in listening to my class. Perhaps it is high time that I should talk with her mother about this issue. Her mother is actually very friendly to me. 

I call her Kitty. I regard the little creature as my friend. I wish I were a fairy that could bring her happiness. 

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Reply shirleyytt2010 2012-7-9 08:11
Altually, many teenagers are not happy because they do not have freedom , especially for those students who are not good at study. Their parents force them to learn more after the class, even at weekends, they just stay at home for study.
Reply fatty 2012-7-9 08:49
It is a common phenomenon in china. we are always been told that only working harder than others, can you be more competitive than others.
Reply redapple2 2012-7-9 14:25
Yes, but I hope it will be changed after a series of tragedies.

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