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Shares Oh, my teaching life is coming!
2013-8-5 19:37
Really long long time no see, my dear friends. Though I didn't post anything here for this half year, yet I often logged in to visit you guys. Reading your wonderful works is also a great joy for me. I am fond of reading which do inspire me a lot of thoughts. Thanks for your sharing. Finally, I gr ...
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Shares The Way of Education
2012-7-14 21:37
I was about to go far when suddenly I saw Kitty looking at me with her hands upon her chin at the balcony.As a matter of fact, I was plodding on my way. I wish I take her out to have fun. But how could I do it without her mother's permission. Maybe next time I can do it, but not now. The other day, ...
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Shares Looking for the Happiness
2012-7-8 21:04
I've been working as a tutor for over half an year. I enjoy getting along with theteenagers. They are so cute and creative that I can't help loving teaching career. They are so funny, however, they are also stressed out by the test-oriented examination. I'll take one of my student ...
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Shares A Friend is A Window
2012-7-6 23:46
Everyone has their own friends, close or not close. Each friend is just like a window to guide you into different scenery. Sometimes, That whether one might be successful or not depends on what kinds of friends does he make. That is really true! If you make some excellent friends, probably they'll ...
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Shares The Lost Generation(to my younger brother)
2012-6-28 22:56
Hey, boy Do you know how long I haven't seen your smile? Your smile has been fading away these years. Now it disappears completely. WHY? You were so active, talktive, and joyful in your childhood, just like a happy prince. You were always popular among people. You were so famous in ou ...
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Shares On Personality
2012-5-31 22:31
First, tell me what kind of personality do you prefer to? And why? Then, how about keeping an eye on my real story? These days, I am confusing about my personality, and even doubt my philosophy of life. For all the time, I tend to be easy-going and agreeable. I always smile ...
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Shares Don't Cry, Girl
2012-5-9 21:20
L,One of my best friends in college recently is quite not herself owing to her breakup in love affair. Since we are bosom friends, she often shares her love story with me. At first, it was her who tookinitiativeto contact that boy. And he then actually regarded L as his common fri ...
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Shares To My Dear Net Friends
2012-3-17 15:28
This afternoon after getting everything done, I happen to read an article about showing appreciations for her net friends in To be honest, it indeed catches my eyes, for I feel the same way with the author to a large degree. She made some cyber friends on some websites where they sh ...
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Shares My Recent Life
2012-3-4 14:07
It has been raining cats and dogs for all days long. I am sort of tired of it, so I determine to go on an excursion in spite of the heavy rain. As a matter of fact, to have a walk with an umbrella is WONDERFUL. While strolling on the street, you probably could breathe the fresh air, gaze at t ...
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Shares A Short Winter Walk(2012-1-30)
2012-2-10 20:39
What people can see in a room is only a small piece of space. But if you walk out of the room, you can see a larger space. Sometimes one would rather to see and feel the world than just fancy it. After supper, I took two kids, one boy and one girl to a nearby hill where I spent my joyful c ...
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