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raicy 2014-1-1 14:36
Happy New Year!!  
barry_2013 2013-7-9 18:54
hello, how are you!
小王子Libra 2013-6-26 19:33
bigcat 2013-2-23 19:08
bigcat 2013-1-30 22:05
redapple2: Hey, I think both the Chinese name and English name are very interesting, besides your avatar.
thanks,hope you happy everyday
bigcat 2013-1-22 00:04
小王子Libra 2012-6-5 01:16
you're still online. time to sleep. take care of yourself.good night
snowflying 2012-4-10 20:46
redapple2: This term I work as a part-time job teacher to teach junior high school students. It's a great challenge for me, and I also take it as seriously. Hope
oh? really? that's a nice experience, though i know you must meet some troubles at the beginning of teaching. to a junior student, english is sort of simple, i believe you can deal with it well. to students, each teacher has their own method to make them calm down and put their power to study. i don't think a mild girl teacher can't teach naughty boys, maybe on the countrary, your kindness is the cool drink to calm them down. anyway you must gain something from it,good thing.
snowflying 2012-4-10 20:38
redapple2: Hi, my dear. Miss you quite much.
hehe... sweet girl,just as your name.
snowflying 2012-2-10 21:12
redapple2: Long time no see, Snow. I just come back school this afternoon. Miss you guys. How is your holiday?
oh, my dear friend. you have gone to school now? but northern college have't start new term now. i'm fine , so thankful for your concern, best wishes.
snowflying 2011-12-25 21:15
redapple2: Merry christmas, snow
thanks,my friend. wish you happy everyday!
ring_in_love 2011-11-15 08:34
redapple2: Hi, glad to read your blogs.
my honour
小王子Libra 2011-11-12 16:40
I love there, thank you .
小王子Libra 2011-11-11 23:15
redapple2: Wow, you are here. I like your avatar.
Edelweiss 2011-11-11 22:16
redapple2: Ha, I didn't find you here until today.
Me too.
小王子Libra 2011-11-11 19:27
redapple2: Wow, you are here. I like your avatar.
thanks !
andy_viky 2011-11-4 08:14
redapple2: welcome to English home! Hope you can enjoy yourself here!
Thank you
andy_viky 2011-11-4 08:08
redapple2: How do you feel here?
I'm sorry,it is long time that I haven't login.I think it may be let you regret.
异物 2011-10-29 21:00
redapple2: ha, your avatar is interesting.
Yes, I'm a barber.
异物 2011-10-14 14:16
redapple2: Hi, there. You are a talented singer. That's fun.
By the way, could you tell me where to find such classical lyrics? I wanna learn English songs.
There are tons of lyrics sites out there, but I think you should listen to English songs first, and then pick the ones that touches you most, before you go digging their lyrics.

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