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Shares To be or not to be, that is a question!
2015-2-2 15:55
It's been a long time that i havn't been here to record my feelings and share my harvests. To be honest, i miss here very much. Frankly speaking, i miss friends here much more. At first, i would like to share a good news. 2014, it is very important and meaningful for me. i was married with a guy. ...
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Shares 【Trial Translation】Drug addiction in Iran 伊朗毒瘾
2013-8-21 16:59
原文出处: DrugaddictioninIran 伊朗毒瘾 Theotherreligion 另一种宗教 Whysomanyyoung&nb ...
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Shares Trial Translation
2013-8-15 09:44
中译英 2012年,为了更好地践行汽车企业的社会责任,履行对中国社会的长久承诺,帮助中国的少年儿童更好地适应道路交通环境并了解未来交通趋势,梅赛德斯-奔驰(中国)将该项目引入中国,结合海外的成功经验和中国的国情,以寓教于乐的方式面向中国适龄儿童及家长展开交通安全教育,将道路安全与事故预防的概念 ...
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Shares I like you, but it's in the past.
2013-4-24 17:03
ILikeyou,ButIt'sinthePast. Eventhoughyourphone number isstillinmycontacts,butwewillnotmeetagainwithoutaccident.Anyway,youwillnottake ...
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Shares something confused me a lot
2013-1-4 21:48
2012 is a vital year for me since i accept the love from a boy and we finally made sure our relationship. At the beginning, i was very happy for somebody could share my happiness and sorrows. However, after we got along with each other for quite a long time, i found i always dreamed of another boy ...
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Shares Bad Person, Bad Mood
2012-9-17 14:58
It seems that here is the shelter harbor for me since every time I encountered some bad things or unhappy things, I would come here and wrote down my feelings and reflections. To some extent, it is my best friend. I shared all my feelings a ...
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Shares Remeber All Those Hard Times
2012-6-2 18:17
It has been a quite long time that I did not come here and recorded my feelings, my life and my achievement. To some extent, I felt very hard to express all what I have gone through. In all these days, I dedicated myself to the work. I should mention that the content of my work has change ...
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Shares My Trial Translation
2012-2-21 23:28
I am looking forward to your suggestions! Welcome! 原文: 穿在脚下的法拉利 有人说,意大利人拥有两个无与伦比的骄傲,一个是所向披靡的顶级跑车法拉利,另一个则是以舒适和优雅著称的顶级男鞋 Tod's 。 Tod's 的前半生像部立志电影,意大利商人 Diego 继 ...
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Shares Farewell to 2011
2012-1-1 00:24
Grasping the last few minutes of the year of 2011, I made a deep reflection. Calling back to 2011, I should say it is a harvest year. This year, I achieved a lot, not only in my work, but also in my interpersonal relationship. And also at the meantime, I lost many things that are precious for ...
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Shares Something Needed to Be Recorded
2011-5-17 18:08
Yesterday, one of my friends asked me to help him translate the abstract of his graduation paper. Unfamiliar with mechanic field, I am lack of numerous technical terms. So I try my best to translate it. Here, I shared it with you. Hope you can point out mistakes and maybe you can give me a be ...
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