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Shares Hello, guys!
rich 2022-5-10 20:10
it's a long time since I last came here. I went through my share of ups and downs in past 6 years. But the thing is: deep in my heart, I know I have quite a few friends here. Hope we can continue the bonds we once had and develop into a new stage.
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Shares Happy New Year of the Sheep!
rich 2015-2-18 19:39
Happy New Year of the Sheep!
Wish everyone here at dioenglish A very Happy Spring Festival and the best of health and happiness in the coming new year.
1253 views|10 replies Hot 6
Shares Enough is as Good as Feast
rich 2015-2-17 16:59
Enough is as Good as Feast
You know this guy? He is Jose Mujica, the Uruguay president. He is famous for being the poorest president in the world. He lives on the farm, which actually belongs to his wife. His salary is about 11 thousand dollars, but 90% of it is donated to the country's welfare projects. His most valu ...
1131 views|7 replies Hot 4
Shares Xixi's Childhood
rich 2014-3-27 10:20
Xixi's Childhood
Xixi was born into a special family in Luonan village, Hefei, Anhui province. Her father is polio survivor and her mother has dwar fism(侏儒 ), and their disabilities have left the family struggling to make the ends meet. As soon as she was phys ...
1082 views|2 replies Hot 1
Shares Story behind the Scene
rich 2014-3-26 20:35
Story behind the Scene
Can you guess what happened and why the girl is in the tree? As you can see,she is young andbeautifully dressed. It's not common to see a girl climb a big tree in so fashionable clothes. Yes, something unusual must have happened. The reason is that the police was coming an ...
1170 views|2 replies Hot 1
Shares Kurt Chew-Een Lee(吕超然)
rich 2014-3-12 16:10
Kurt Chew-Een Lee(吕超然)
Kurt Chew-Een Lee(吕超然), the first US Marine Corps officer of Chinese descent, died on March 3, 2014. He earned bravery medals in the Korean War and was widely regarded as a Chinese American hero. In China, however, it is hard to consider him to be a hero. The reason is simple:He killed ...
1184 views|4 replies Hot 2
Shares Relish the Moment
rich 2014-3-10 09:41
Relish the Moment
The incident of the lost Malaysia plane tells us: You never know which day is the last of your life. You may well ask yourself whetheryou live your each and every minute relaxed amdcontent or with regrets and misgivings? Actually nothing is truly important in lifeex ...
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Shares Run Quickly or Remain Walking
rich 2014-1-15 09:18
Recently I read an article, which reminds people, especially youngsters, to run quickly when it begins to rain. The article points out that one's attitudes decide the height at which one looks at the world . The author believes that it is a positive attitude towards life if you ...
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Shares Going to Work is Happiness
rich 2014-1-12 15:41
I guess no one would understand that going to work could be happiness. It seems more reasonabletobe the other way around. The song I Don't Go to Work Todayis getting popular these dayssince it was sung by Xie Di on the program ofSong of China( 中国好歌曲 ...
760 views|17 replies Hot 6
Shares Year in and Year out
rich 2013-12-31 19:58
Years come and go, and before we know, the year 2013 has come to the end and 2014 is just around the corner. Does time go faster? How many times do we ask where ourtime goes? Things are changing so fast, lightning fast. Chang'e 3 lunar probe has successfully landed on the moon. China ...
946 views|11 replies Hot 5


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