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Shares Belive in yourself
2012-1-22 16:12
Today is the last day of 2011. Chinese New Year is coming. I'm staying at my rented room. Though i can find so many things to do ,i am still doing nothing.I am wondering what my parents are doing now ? Are they watching TV together ? How about my brother and sister -in -law? Maybe they are prepa ...
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Shares Chinese New Year
2012-1-15 22:17
Chinese New Year is coming. We all know Spring Festival is a kind of family gathering season . This year my brother will go back home to join my parents ,which gave me a little comfort . My parents will be very disappointed if we both can't go home . It's really the most exciting thing that we can g ...
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Shares Health Is Wealth
2012-1-14 13:29
Today i want to try to put some useful words into together. I found if you really want to write something and you were in your optimum hourage ,new ideas would come to you ,one idea leaded to another. I always rose late in the winter vacation when i was a student . I used to be very fit at that ti ...
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Shares Tom And Jerry
2012-1-13 15:18
I have too friends . One is Tom . The other is Jerry. Tom and Jerry are brothers. But they are totally different. Tom is tall and thin. Jerry is short and heavy. Tom has a good temper while Jerry has a hot temper. Tom is an optimistic boy. Jerry is a pessimistic boy. Tom wants to gain weight. Jerr ...
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Shares Learn to use
2012-1-11 20:59
I read a story today. Now i am going to make a story . There is an old woman who lives alone. She is in her sixties . She has a wrinkly face which looks pale with fatigue. Because she has a bad temper. Almost all the neighbours are afraid of her. Nobody is willing to talk to her , which makes her ...
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Shares If You Are The One
2012-1-10 19:20
Yesterday I saw a movie called "if you are the one" again. I like their dialogues . It was really interesting and meanfuling . There are some beautiful sentences i want to share with you . I was impressed by the sentence " life is a spiritual journey ".I was moved by the poem which is popular no ...
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Shares Lazy
2012-1-9 21:27
Maybe everybody has a lazy side. I 'm a little lazy though nobody said so . If a student who is smart or stupid doesn't study well , both the parents and the teachers will say he or she is too lazy. Why ? Laziness is our most terrible enemy . I don't want to be a lazy guy . But how to beat my ene ...
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Shares Thank You
2011-12-29 22:25
I've been here for more than a month.Almost everyday i came here to read others' blogs but i seldom gave some comments. Sometimes i don't know what to say and how to comment them. It's lucky for me to find some wonderful articles here.I appreciate my friends here especially two friends ,one i ...
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Shares Miracle
2011-12-7 22:19
Today, one of my classmates told me that hehadexperienceda horrible car accident yesterday.A truckhit his car.His carbecame compeletly different.Fortunately and miraculously,he didn't get hurt at all.That was really a miracle.He said he was feelingsc ...
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Shares Being a reader is much happier
2011-11-28 22:13
I think it is time to write somthing here.One day ,i wanted to read articles in English,soI foundDioenglish by baidu.It's lucky to read so many wonderful artiles. These days ,I have finished reading all the articles which were written by a good guy.He is really good at wri ...
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