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Hod on the lifestyle

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The rain ended just now and the moonlight is shinning over the skyline. I overlook the clouds right there accompanying the moonlight. It is getting cold and I  feel exciting from the fresher air. Not a moment like this one would be even great after days of strong polluted air. It is now becoming the era that we look forward seeing good weather as the way we look for treasures in the darkness. 

New year is already coming and much of the time is occupied in the work. Everyone seems to be inexhaustible fighting for the final before the arrival of the Spring Festival. The cold night does not stop my steps on the lane. I still run over the bank of the river and path through the park. It is awesome. I still squeeze out time to write something both in English and Chinese. That is an amazing experience when I write in both different languages. It improves my ability of analysis in logicality on many issues and the efficiency on the words organization on the dealing with documents. I can rest up well when I am browsing English news after finishing piles of assignments. My brain is to be well harbored when I am sweating from jogging. 

Nobody can change your way unless you wants to do so. Someone will tell us that we are unable to start a career when we talk with them our minds of future. And sometimes they just laugh at the literature we are studying, they just think it meaningless in the reality of this world. Nothing else would be better than money making. They believe so. Yes, everyone wants comfortable life, including me. While we should try some others, not just the chasing for the money. Though I admit that I am mundane, I also long for something new. We are different and we have own methods to picture our blueprint. 

Loser is the word for those who dare not stand up again. It is not scary that we had failures, while it is terrible that we can not correct them and accept the right cognition. Be brave, man.

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Reply Rosanna 2017-1-8 08:47
Beijing there days are suffering the bad air pollution, no any good mood to enjoy the view in deep winter, only staying at home like the cat.
Reply teadrinking 2017-1-8 10:56
Rosanna: Beijing there days are suffering the bad air pollution, no any good mood to enjoy the view in deep winter, only staying at home like the cat.
Yes, compared with Beijing, it is quite better right here, though I feel sick of this bad weather. I have to go for jogging when the air quality is not that bad. Today is getting cleaner and fresher after the rain.

The pollution has caused panic people do not know when is the end to let this nightmare go away. We do not know how to get rid of this bad foggy weather. The cost of modernization is highly triggering our concern on the living condition. May it be good someday, but it should not be lasted too long so that we do not have that chance to witness the blue sky.

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