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Short spring

Hot 1318 views. 2017-3-18 16:26 | particular, countries, sometimes, sunshine, everyone

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The rain tells the tradition of typical style of home life. Since the weather forecast said such rainy days would never stop till the end of this month, I made the preparation of this endurance. The wet and watery weather sometimes surely provides poetic romance, while it wound not be nice if it lasts too long. Because everyone wants freedom and longs for sunshine. The gloomy weather is said to do with the ratio of suicide, it makes sense on some level, in particular, some western countries closely located to the north pole,relatively have higher rates of such a trend. By analogy, supposing that you are locked up in a narrow and hard-to-breath cell, no chance to get out owing the rights to have life, you are very likely to collapse.

In fact, here is not that awful. It just has insufficient sunny days recently which does not bother people working and living. When the sun emerges, it becomes another epic image of flowers booming and trees flourishing. Fields of rape flowers obviously turn to be a new landscape with attraction for tourists and photographers. Technically, those yellow tiny petals show no more significance if you never put them together on your eyes. They work as a team and the ocean of light yellow flowers brings us another wonderland. 

That is spring. Always, it comes to us and signals some clues either by sprouting out green buds of willows or introducing jubilant twitters of birds. We can sense that arrival vividly through observation. And spring is also brief, it comes and goes like autumn within less than two months. After that, summer does not give any chance for spring continuing her stage show. And people have to leave coats and wear T-shirts and bear for the high temperature. You see, when the end of this month is over, spring will definitely grasps this opportunity to let everything renew and then it offers her seat for summer without complaints. That is because she knows when her job is finished, she is fine with her destiny.

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Reply Tange 2017-3-18 22:51
where is it ?  very nice
Reply teadrinking 2017-3-19 09:51
Tange: where is it ?  very nice
The West Lake. Yes, it is very nice.
Reply Tange 2017-3-19 22:03
teadrinking: The West Lake. Yes, it is very nice.
visiting West lake , it feel like in heaven
Reply teadrinking 2017-3-19 22:38
Tange: visiting West lake , it feel like in heaven
Something like that. Now it is getting warm. Spring has the best chance to see the beautiful scenery. When I go around the Lake, I feel surely shocked by its elegance.

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