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Golden time and humble people

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People are not willing to do business in the industrial field. They argue anything is nothing compared to the speculation on the real-estate. This is not only unharmful to the industrial economy's transformation and upgrading, and innovation, but also will distort the whole society's view of the value and wealth. In the long term, it will have negative impacts on our country's overall competitiveness.

When a migrate worker from a remote place plans to fight over the future, he may feel disappointed that one day he finds some local residents just lead a life with leisure without worry of job losing. Because residents have their houses and they can even leap to a higher level as their fortune increasing, especially they meet the police of removing their homes which is the chance they will be awarded a reasonable amount of money. That money is the goal of ordinary strangers which usually costs much of their time to earn. And the result is usually hard to achieve for common people. They use all the available resources to raise the money to pay off in the hope of buying a house in the city in which they want to settle down. This kind of process is full sweats and bitters. Only those who are struggling for that can understand.

Sometimes we doubt our birth and feel desperate and think it unfair. But it is the truth. Some just own that fortune because of the birth, others are lucky enough to have the chance to dwell in the city they dream of by diligent work. And more of ordinary ones are still one the way, they think of future, are eager to own that kind of life.

This is the time which is full anxieties. Only few guys remain their pursuit and go for their dreams. They what they should do. This big time confuses many of us. We do not know what exactly we should do and wander what else we can do. This a big problem. The soaring price of housing now has made a banquet of property investment. No one wants to be a loser.

It is a real issue when everyone wants a big fortune. We get lost in the fascination of all lures. Not because of the housing, but all the things around, we just hardly sense the beauty of life. Whatever, we have to move on. No one can picture what is likely to happen. We have to be honest to face everything we might encounter.

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Reply shirleyytt2010 2017-10-11 09:48
To buy a house is very necessary part of the Chinese people , but we still have many problems to solve out in the real life.
Reply teadrinking 2017-10-11 22:54
shirleyytt2010: To buy a house is very necessary part of the Chinese people , but we still have many problems to solve out in the real life.
So life is not easy.

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