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First day to work

Hot 1310 views. 2018-1-2 22:51

As usual I went into the office. Nothing changed. It was a new day to work in the year 2018. The new year granted its meaning of a new beginning.

How time flies. With a blink of eyes, the old year was gone. When everyone were busy posting the picture at his or her age of eighteen, I realised I was to be older as the advent of a new year. But I did not care too much. The youth remains as long as I keep active and positive.

The lunar new year is also not far away. In tradition, we are still in the lunar year 2017. Thus, before the spring festival, many guys are thinking over the change of their future. Right, me too. Everyone wants to have a good tomorrow. We work for a better life and we live for a better brilliant future.

When we are at the cross road of life journey, more or less, we are going to be confused and wondering. We have to make the choices. Since everyone is unique, we can not fully copy what other guys' trace of successful career. We live on our own and can not absolutely rely on other people's help.

All the way I walk through, I gradually notice the importance of time. It is quite precious and I have to seize it. I am getting old. But I do not disappear in the time river. Every single bit of move I believe does help me go forward.

The development of scientific technology gives us the chance to enjoy a better future. So I really have to cherish my time and try the best to live longer. To lead a high quality life, I am doing all I can to maintain healthy. To be a person with wisdom and courage, I need to be well disciplined.

The first working day, also the first chapter of a new beginning. Regardless of the failure or the success, the bygone is gone. Go back to normal and see the upcoming challenges and difficulties. The beauty of life is in the process of conquest.

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Reply shirleyytt2010 2018-1-3 14:28
Everybody has 24 hours per day, and it is important for us to arrange our time reasonably.
Reply teadrinking 2018-1-4 18:31
shirleyytt2010: Everybody has 24 hours per day, and it is important for us to arrange our time reasonably.
We have to cherish what we have. Never let the time easily go.

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