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Friday again

214 views. 2018-1-5 20:39

When it comes to Friday, I feel good because I can have a weekend again. It belongs to me which I fully enjoy it and nothing can bother me. On the way home after work, the chilly air did not scare me away. I sensed the real winter was about to arrive. It is said that next week it will be below zero.

The last two days kept raining all the way. Most of provinces were reported to snow. Though here it had no snow, the scene of snowflakes stirs my memory of the old time. When I studied in the primary school, I experienced the snow every year. It covered all ground. I could hear of the crisp sound from the ground when I walked the way. The trace of footprints became a cute mark in the snowing weather.

Now it is not easy to meet the snow. Even it snows, it does not last very long. When it stops, it thaws in the next day. If you were lucky enough, you could run into the snow in the countryside. In the center of city, there is little change to see that. The city per se is such a giant oven and melts everything. 

Whatever. It turns to be cold. The news of kids who are suffering the flu dominates the medias and presses. Parents are also facing the higher infection from kids. Thus, we have to take care. Some more water and enough exercises would be a effective method to prevent us from getting a cold.

Weekend is coming. Some guys still have to work tomorrow, it does not matter. We have the good mood so long as we keep the nice attitude to what we pursue. The bad thing is sometimes we do not know what we are doing. We are working. Right. But what exactly we are doing is the problem. That is the painful thing occupies most guys' brains. Well. Think about we do not live very long. It is a short journey on the average which is no more than one hundred years. Think about the cost of complaining which is really awful. Calm down and you are going to be fine.

Have a nice weekend.

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