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The real winter

217 views. 2018-1-7 22:19

Midnight is the moment that almost comes be silent. End the whole day as noisy as it fully can be, it is now becoming quiet. In the tranquil and peaceful night, the sky seems to no sigh of getting sunny. The drizzle continues as the low temperature accompanies, it is cold.

Walk around, I sense the atmosphere of the winter. It does blow chilly air upon face, according to the weather forecast the colder days set in. More like a winter, I am glad to see the arrival. If it is not cold now, when? God wants to be cold as it goes naturally.

The trend of flu is reportedly to occur in many places and people, especially the young and the old, are seriously suffered. I have my fingers crossed that everything is  going be all right. Meanwhile, I tell myself that I should pay attention to the physical exercises and eat well. What is more, I should sleep well too.

The winter is the cozy season that almost everyone desires for comfortable sleep. In the morning, you can imagine how hard it is to get up. After many attempts, finally you will strive to get up. And then you find that is little time left to wash up or you are likely to be late for work. Absolutely, it is a nice experience of stay in bed. Outside it is cold, inside warm. No one wants to stay any longer in the open air.

The good of winter is to train you the tolerance in the cold weather. Besides, it does the favour that some harmful insects' activities would be effectively contained. Therefore the growth of plant is warranted. The snow in most places, particularly in the northern areas where are lack of rainfall all year around, provides the plant with supply of water. 

This could be the coldest month in a year. Take care and keep warm. Spring is not far away.

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