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Around the Spring Festival

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Again the streets are becoming empty. Most guys now go back hometown. On the subway, it is obvious to sense there are fewer passengers. I do not know how the feeling I am holding. Every time it seems to be joyful that we have the new year. As a matter of fact, we do not get what on earth we are doing. Since it goes so fast, Spring Festival again. Apart from we are getting on, we almost feel nothing but a routine which drives us moving on.

Believe it or not. We are experiencing such a feeling. Well. Let it go. We should have the time that we are supposed to cherish what we have other than what we lost. When we made mistakes or missed something important, it teaches us to be wiser so that we can not be fooled again.

The Spring Festival as the symbol of reunion surely has a tremendous meaning for everyone. We are now on the way to explore the new style or the meaning of its value. We are not confined to stay home, we have alternative options to decide where we are to head and what we want to do. We can make full use of the holiday to enrich the life.

Next week, the year of dog is coming. The arrival of the new year shows the new around of luck we are going to have. Whatever it is. Just go and move. We are not a kid anymore. The growth of age loads the responsibility on our shoulders. We have no way to escape, but calmly accept it. Take it and overcome it.

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Reply warmjaney 2018-2-9 14:51
Happy New Year
Reply teadrinking 2018-2-10 13:02
warmjaney: Happy New Year
Thank you, friend. Happy new year!

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