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Do the plan

209 views. 2020-2-15 23:46

Since the popularization of the social network service, we are easy to get access to lots of information. Good news, bad news, whatever, we are under the influence of them. In face of so many news, we have to sharpen eyes. Particularly, at present, we have to be cool in mind. Everyday the updates of novel coronavirus pneumonia trigger everyone's concern. At the same time, there are so many news make us no idea what we should trust and what we may hang in there. 

To be honest, as an ordinary person, I just choose to be at home. Each week, I need to be on duty in the office for one day. Then, I do the remote work at home. Being in the room too long did make me anxious in the first beginning. Now I learn to be involved in this kind of work style. After that, I realize the importance of workout. I have not done the jog for more than three weeks. Now I resume back and spend at least two hours everyday to do indoors exercises.

Though we do not know how long else will this situation terminate, we do believe it will be back to normal. We learn something. At least we know we have to cherish the time being with family. And we also have to be independent to survive since we find nowhere else to eat. We have to cook for ourselves. In this time, we are granted the special moment to think and schedule for the coming career. Supposing that we are not allowed to work in the office and even later we lose the job because months of shutdown in the epidemic, the boss has no ability to run his business anymore. What should we are going to do as we have no incomings.

We are not supposed to waste time being home by doing nothing. We really have to plan something.

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