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Status of self improvement

143 views. 2020-3-25 23:34

Have some water, keep regular workout, have a balanced diet, do not stay up, these four tips now can be seen on a checkup report. Does that work? Yes, mostly we just do not pay much attention on personal health condition. We just do not find it important to keep on mentioned tips above until we are informed there are something wrong in our bodies. The good news is we know the news and we still have time to rescue ourselves. But do not wait it too long.

At the first beginning of career, usually, we just work hard. Few years later, we find we feel something uncomfortable or not that right in our bodies. We may stay up and still felt energetic to work in the next day years ago. Now it turns out that is impossible to work in the day well if we do not rest well in the night. And so many trifles occupy our brains and make us move hardly. We even find we can not remember things well. A bad memory comes to fail ourselves. We doubt if we are still young or not. We start to think we have to do something to make up the losses in our bodies.

If we realize something of the importance of health, we will behave to be good and take care of ourselves. If we just do not take it seriously we might be likely to be indulged into a mess of awful life. To make money is the basic need to support living. But we still have to realize we can something else, to realize our value, to make dreams come true, to have a single trip to somewhere, etc. Any of a action can make a difference.  A nice and qualified lifestyle does not merely lie in how much money we make, but also the happiness we have gained. 

Life is hard, but it does hamper us from smiling naturally against adversity. The deficiency of fortune is not the excuse of a lame pursuit of life quality. 

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