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Peace comes after the storm

201 views. 2020-4-12 14:52

A day of rainfall cools off again, if there is no coat, it feels cold in face of the gale. The temperature goes down and up, up and down. Such a change really recalls us to remain healthy, particularly, in this special moment.

Few days ago, I went to for haircut. I am a regular customer of that barbershop. And I had a brief talk with the barber. We reached an agreement that nothing is important compared to the sound health. After footing the bill, I started going back, then he asked me if it was still okay with my job. "Yes", I told him. He smiled at me back. That warm smile made me feel good. Life is like a mirror, if you smile at it, it smiles at you back.

Though it is spring, the economy is suffering as if it was still in severe cold winter. Since this pandemic is spreading all over the world. Almost every country has confirmed cases. It has no answer of the termination in terms of this outbreak. But it does not bother us to hold the faith to fight against it.

Sometimes I just do not want to see any more about the news of this disease. I feel lucky enough to be alive. So I hope every one will be okay and the sick patients will soon be recovered.

There is no boundary of virus. As the global connection is getting firm, we surely enjoy the benefits and convenience of the globalization. Meanwhile we have to be ready for the influence of something negative. One example of this negative is the virus which reminds us of the truth how fragile we human beings are in terms of it. As a matter of fact, at present there are no specific medicines to effectively treat many viruses, such as AIDS, Abola, SARS, and also the COVID-19.

The scourge of the invisible disease tortures us and we never stop the steps to compete with it.

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