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Not easy to stay calm always. Personality can not combat craziness. We are likely to be influenced by surroundings. It does not simply do the fool style operation as in the buy low and sell high in stock market. Even a veteran makes mistakes in investment. Life does not equal a gamble. Destiny is hold on hands yet not a wishful thinking. What we can do is to avoid committing same mistakes again or reduce mistakes to minimum. That is the way we can fully perform strength to maximum.

Something we like, we can achieve something great. It won't be a daydream, instead, it is true we can get it. Persistence is vital, action is necessary, determination is needed. Yesterday did not guarantee what we would have since it is gone, today can not decide what we will be like because we never know the future, future is the thing based on the illusion if there were no actions. The current self is significantly important. But we can not easily seize it. That is why we are often lost, knowing nowhere else to go.

Do not be lazy. Diligence is built on good habits. Otherwise, it is blind to sail in the vast darkness. More often we need to force ourselves to go ahead. We never realize how strong we can be if we are not cornered. Jump out of the comfort zone, march against the gale. We grasp the rope to the mountaintop. After conquering it, we see other continuously connected peaks.

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Reply admin 2020-12-2 00:00
I like this picture.
Reply teadrinking 2020-12-2 10:42
admin: I like this picture.
Yes, I like this too, so I chose it.

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