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The price of pork is comparably cheap which was as expensive as beef two years ago. That price accounts for a large portion in the weight of CPI. Currently, for ordinary people it is affordable. 

As we alwasys say nowadays it is hard to earn money but easy to spend. A mid-age man is usually at the risk of being fired and an enterprise has the crisis of being eliminated in the wave of competition. 

Everybody has to face anxities in all aspects. No one can escape or avoid, whether we like it or not, we have to accept the reality. Some guys can just get by it even if they suffered, others can not smoothly feel good. It is almost impossible to tell which is good or not, we can only predict what we might potentially do will be beneficial in the future.

Jack Ma could not image what Alibaba would be like at least ten years ago. In less that two decades it grows to be a titan. But he still is mortal and unable to think what will be like in another ten years. We also can not think what we are likely to be like in the next days. But it does not matter, we are still who we are. 

Sometimes we should change a new view to observe, thus we can see much more clearly than what we did before. And sometimes we need to jump out of the circle to try a new style to see if we can have a nicer tomorrow. We do not have to be so hard on the losses or failures, since every step is the stone of our trip.

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Reply davidjuyong 2021-10-18 09:07
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