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Beginning of a day

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In the early morning, birds are already singing together and then skyline emerges to be bright enough to call people waking up.

As the day is getting longer, the dawn is receding to share its position for the great beginning of a new day.

Some may still insist that a nap for a while would be comfortable and others have started out for their work. 

And as always, I woke up as the ring of my phone told me of the time to get up. I’d like that peaceful moment and then a day begins.

A couple of days ago, a friend asked me that if I could remind her of getting up on time. She plans to get up early every day while sometimes finds it hard to do so, because now and then she fails to wake up even if her phone rings. 

Right, no one can hardly reject the comfortable bed. She believes that she needs someone to monitor and assist her which can drive and power her to get up.

After confirmation of my promise, she felt great and did well getting up and jogging around for consecutive four days, and on the fifth day, her message delayed for about one and half hours and explained me that she just could not wake up, thus, she felt sorry.

I told her it was not that bad and the next day she could be on time again. And I also informed her that she couldn’t have done that so hard. 

She can just wake up naturally without feeling guilty and just jog as much as she can do. Then she will never feel difficult getting up and then as the habit of getting up early forms to recall her to wake up.

According to my personal experience, a habit or a goal sometimes is not on the base of big words, it lies in decisions and actions. An impulsive plan usually does not last too long.

Then I shared her what I obtained from my experience and she should be easy by scheduling plans.

One time in high school I felt hard to understand the subject of physics and then I thought I was obliged to catch up classmates and I did that later. For more than one month, I squeezed out much time to review physics and do exercises, then I finally scored remarkably during the monthly test.

And when I found that I needed to improve my English skills of listening and speaking on the college. I almost locked up myself and every day I was the first one to get up in my dormitory and then did the exercises of listening by wearing my headphone for one hour. Then I went to the dining room by speaking up dialogs and conversations on the way. When I was back to the dormitory to fetch for textbooks to classroom, my roommates were just waking up. Then I got myself improved and performed well in the final examination.

Getting up early does not merely stand for the good merit but also display a man’s quality of will and well-behaved principle. Only the guy with specific aim can he achieve greatness.

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Reply rich 2022-5-10 19:33
The early morning is always so charming and full of hope. I get up early as I enter the old age. The days are gone when I slept in whenever possible.
Reply teadrinking 2022-5-10 23:05
rich: The early morning is always so charming and full of hope. I get up early as I enter the old age. The days are gone when I slept in whenever possible.
Yes, I like that time in the early morning, and I get up early to have a good day.

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