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2022-5-23 16:05 Reply|
What's wrong with dioenglish? Admin, if you are available, please check it and manage it to be normal again. Thanks.
2022-3-30 21:26 Reply|
2021-11-11 13:16 Reply|
National Day
2021-10-1 22:33 Reply|
2021-8-15 20:02 Reply|
Weekend again, have a good time.
2021-2-20 23:30 Reply|
Never think that you can not, actually you can do it well.
2020-12-22 22:59 Reply|
Warm sun in the Sunday afternoon.
2020-12-20 14:16 Reply|
All of gingko leaves are turning into yellow, few days later they all load down upon the ground.
2020-12-10 18:44 Reply|
Do it anyway, never wait for it too long.
2020-12-6 21:00 Reply|
The sun came out for no more than an hour in the afternoon, then it was covered by clouds.
2020-12-4 16:44 Reply|
Getting colder. Winter shares its chill, but it never scares me.
2020-12-3 21:34 Reply|
2020-12-1 10:21 Reply|
Study harder.
2020-11-22 23:37 Reply|
Sunday, the God's day.
2020-11-22 13:58 Reply|
2020-11-9 14:54 Reply|
Election 2020 comes to the end, we, ordinary people, it is the time to go home and wash up to continue live again.
2020-11-8 11:40 Reply|
Sunday is sunny.
2020-10-25 14:58 Reply|
More like the autumn, nice moment to enjoy the beautiful scenery.
2020-10-24 21:37 Reply|
No one can always help you but yourself. Do not deeply rely on others since they cannot always be with you. You are the only one who can arrive at the end of the journey.
2020-10-21 08:50 Reply|

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