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Sensational Summer Vacation

909 views. 2011-9-3 11:09

Sensational Summer Vacation

    When approaching to the bottom of August, it does mean the summer vacation is time to end. It’s the most meaningful, substantial and of course the happiest one in all summer vacations. I can never ever forget how enjoyable the days were. The days were filled with gaiety and avidity. Now, it’s the time to come up with the vacation trip of mine.

    On 6th, July, the time of the last subject. Finishing the test were equal to the summer vacation formally began. It really sent me into a fever of excitement. When it came to the second day, according to the privity, I promised going to Chaoge KTV to have fun with them three. Actually, they are not only my school boys and girls, but also my good friends. We have ever had Spanish class together before and known each other in that class. Approximately 7 o’clock p.m., we had our supper at McDonald’s together and have a freedom chat for a moment after the meal. There is no more easy to see we were pretty hilarious that day and that was a cool thing to stay with them for a whole day.

    On the afternoon of 9th, July, I turned to Guangzhou and went back to my hometown with Ying. We two met at the Guangzhou Railway Station. Since she came to find me again last time, our relationship was moving into a total new, complex and amazing stage. Things are actually going from good to better. We have recognized for many years. You can’t even imagine how much I was incitant, just like the tornado roaring and as rough as the sea. On the train, it seemed every seat had its owner cause there were still many people, including several foreign friends, had to stand on unless someone was time to get down the train. They had eight people, which were all in the same college, one from Thailand and the others from Malaysia. By chatting with them, I got to know some kind of information about them and why they were on the train. Lisa, a cute girl, told me that they were classmates and they would like to take a vacation trip to China and went to Yunnan province for purchasing something they needed. We talked openly and honestly with each other. In fact, I like these guys pretty much. I appreciate their braveries, their solidarities and their spirits of adventure. That was a short and long trip. It needed to take almost eight hours to end our trip, so that was a long trip for me. However, the time staying with Ying always seemed short, and that was a short trip for me at the same time.

    On 11th, July, the day of my father’s birthday, which is the main reason why I came back home so early. My dear brothers were not at home but only my parent. They are alone, and they miss me. Thus, I must go back before the day and prepare to stay a few days with them. On early Monday morning, I walked outside and booked a France-style cake for my dad. I know, they must blame me to wasting money for the cake. Anyway, I don’t mind at all. Because I know, all the parents are the same, saving the money for their children. Fortunately, the cake tasted delicious and they two also enjoyed it. It was a warm day that day.

On 15th, July, several couple days after going back. I returned to the school. I was not alone during the trip. Before coming back to school, my aunt asked me to bring two sons, my nephews, to Dongguan. I did so and made it perfectly. Until 9 o’clock, I came back to my dormitory and took a comfortable bath wash.

    On 22nd, July, Friday, again I went to Guangzhou to meet Ying, also with her two cousins. I was going to stay with them three for two days. Her two cousins were new in Guangzhou, so I was the guide. The first leg of our journey was Guangdong Province Museum. It is worth mentioning that it is indeed worth a look. It has collected of many artifacts, which are amazing and beautiful. The ticket was free, so there were many people got there and took a visit. In order to receive tickets into the museum, we were a long row of the team. When coming out of the museum, one of us would like to go to Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street. So it became the second leg of our journey of our own accord. Its snacks are the most famous in Guangzhou city. Eating the snacks was the main purpose of getting there. At that night, we booked a hotel room and spent a night. We four were in one room that night. On the second morning, we got up a little late. After our breakfast, we set off to Guangzhou Tanghui KTV, which is main for singing karaoke and Chinese and western buffet. High-quality entertainment devices, delicious food, well price and the comfortable environment, all can attract you to going there for entertaining. I also invited Shuijiao to join us, for she was also in Guangzhou at that time.

    August, a fascinating month, is filled with emotions and missing. Beautiful thing always speaks for itself. I am really greatful to the God for let me met my girl in life.

    Last and most important thing is that, expect the mentioned time above, I was not in service area during the vacation.

    XOXO, thx !

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Reply snowflying 2011-9-3 16:15
aha, i 'm wondering why only the few days in July about your whole summer vacation. whn read to the end, i see it's to be continued. surely unfogetable experience and good memory. each date in past always worth to be surely enjoyed a wonderful vacation.

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