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     What's called micro-expression? The full name is "the psychological stress micro-expression". It is effective in stimulating the subject people in an instant,without thinking involuntarily demonstration of the real control og moment reaction.Micro-expression includes there aspects,subtle changes in facial expression,subtle body gestures & the real meaning of words.

     A man,probably due to reasons of knowledge,experience,ability,can still remain calm when at his rough inner feelings,can behave like it vey much though obviously really hate people.Naybe he can act,can cover,even can pretend,however,he's unble to control his own micro-expressions.In other words,micro-expression can not be simulated.Micro-expression is inherited by human as a specices  over a long period of evolution, and it's the human instinct for realizing survival and reproduction.For self-protection and high-quality reproduction,micro-expression is not controlled by personal minds.Therefore,it's the best way to reflect one's real inner thoughts.The people who can act well, will still appear micro-expression after experiencing the first moment of the effective stimulus.His simulation only comes after that.Thus,micro-ecpression is the most accurate clues to understand the true intentions of a person's inner.

     The reason why we can't influence and change others effectively,is that we have no idea about others' real inner thoughts and we're easily cheated by their words,the expression they pretended and their behaviors.

     The world's six common emotions:surprise,disgust,anger,fear,sadness and happiness.Each emotion has its specific morphological characteristics of micro-expression.According to these, we can accurately infer their corresponding emotions.

     Emotion is used to deal with different stimulations.Facial expression,a sort of human communication,is more real and accurate to identify than language.The first reaction on the face after meets an effective stimulus is surprise.Then,people will have two directions of emotion:positive emotion are different degrees to the direction of pleasure; negative emotion,according to the different sstrengths of the stimulus sourse,from lighter to heavier followed by the disgust,anger,fear and sadness.It is often said that rational than emotional.But in micro-expression research system,we believe emotional than rational. Human psychology is very fragile and is easily to get into the emotion impulse.Emotions are often wrong, and therefore the emotional decision is more closer to the human's animal nature.What's more,people can remember most things,which is the result of rational thinking(because memory and thinking is belong to the same nature of the function of cerebral cortex).Emotional impulse is not based primarily on the cerebral cortex,so it is difficult to be remembered.

     Is there any certain inevitable link between emotions and facial expressions? Expression is the exterior representation of emotions.It is also a part of emotions,like pronunciation is a part of the language, and this can't be separated.Inner emotions must have explicit expressions.Because these internal state of the nervous system and external performance both have important physiological significance,unlike thinking that can be kept in the brain without a trace.

     Baseline reaction is one's own instinctive reaction or habitual response.At the begining of each test, we will design some innocuous questions(no interest refer to the questions ),and observe the response of people being tested when answering these questions,such as the reaction when thinking, the reaction when calculating,the reaction when he's contempt,angry,sad and so on.As these questions have nothing important relation to the people being tested who want to hide the facts. So the reaction is relatively true,and it can be the basis judgement of the test and analysis.These reactions are the baseline reaction.

     Thus, when judging whether the people is lying or not, the most important thing is to compare the reaction of people tested with the baseline reaction.If there is a difference. It's likely that he's telling a lie and his ture intention is not as what he said.

     Psychological test is a complicated thing as you know,especially for the beginners.Usually they feel nothing to start.Moreover,there are many available standards of analysis,so in the begining,the more people will concentrate on learning the shown to those reactions, and neglect the analysis system.

     Therefore,we have changed the whole process into three equations:

              Formula one:   People tested + Stimulus(X) = Micro-expression

              Formula two:    Emotion(Y)  =  Filter analysis[ Micro-expression ]                 *  Note:the [  ] is a function.

              Formula three:Stimulus(X)  +  True (WHY) = Emotion (Y)

So,the solution process of the equations, which is the process of gaining the truth.

     Generally speaking, the value in studying micro-expression science is that you would be identified whether you are telling the truth or not from your words,your micro-expression and your reaction. If you want to know a person better,if you want success in the workpalce and if you want to know whether someone lies or not,then study the micro-expression.It may probably heip you!



Epilogue:A couple weeks ago,I read several books about micro-expression,which has many theoretical study about human facial expressions,very rich and fantastic. A few days ago,I found some electronic-version foreign works in this field on the net. I prepare to read some after time!  Catch you later~~~   






                                                                                                                         Andrew .W. Zhong


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