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Shares Micro-expression
Andrewzhong 2011-12-6 13:05
What's called micro-expression? The full name is "the psychological stress micro-expression". It is effective in stimulating the subject people in an instant,without thinking involuntarily demonstration of the real control og moment reaction.Micro-expression includes ...
1342 views|0 replies
Shares Miscellaneous Poem
Andrewzhong 2011-10-12 17:27
The wondrous moment of our meeting I well remember you appear Before me like a vision fleeting, A beauty’s angel pure and clear. For long in dreams came features dear. There be none of Beauty’s daughters With a magic like you; An ...
860 views|2 replies
Shares Sensational Summer Vacation
Andrewzhong 2011-9-3 11:09
Sensational Summer Vacation When approaching to the bottom of August, it does mean the summer vacation is time to end. It’s the most meaningful, substantial and of course the happiest one in all summer vacations. I can never ever forget how enjoyable the days we ...
912 views|1 replies
Shares Dragon Boat Festival
Andrewzhong 2011-6-7 18:46
Hey guys! Happy Dragon Boat Festival!Though it's a little late.Anyway,my sincere greeting is coming.LOL.Today,many friends may have their own plans going out for fun.However,also some friends chose to take a part-time job in this day,I'm one of them. All t ...
812 views|0 replies
Shares Before May day
Andrewzhong 2011-5-7 11:09
After finishing my lunch,without a nap,my friends took me outside for KTV.It's really amazing as you known.Whoever you are,you'll be a singer star there.And I love singing so much,especially English songs.But there arenot that much English songs in that song database.Even I could't f ...
941 views|7 replies
Shares Haha,it's amazing
Andrewzhong 2011-5-5 16:50
Hi,Guys! I would like to tell you all a really cool piece of news.That is Ying will come over for visiting me in a couple days.I was so excited in the whole night and could't get asleep since she told me the big news last night. Ying,my best fr ...
742 views|6 replies
Shares Hilarious night
Andrewzhong 2011-4-21 01:04
Tonight, I went to the class as usual. It’s the most wonderful night since Frederick gave us lessons. But before it, some guys said that is was boring when having the class, some said sometimes it was difficult to understand what he was talking about because he can’t speak Chinese. Anyway, t ...
480 views|4 replies
Shares Goodbye,my pet
Andrewzhong 2011-4-19 19:25
April 19th,2011, the day of my pet turtle's death,which should be remembed.I bought the turtle last year during the business simulation market which is often run by our students.My classmate and friend also bought one at that time.Actually,we bought them together.The scientific ...
506 views|5 replies
Shares International Scam
Andrewzhong 2011-4-16 14:21
Several days ago, I received an email from a girl who saw my profile at DioEnglish.com and would like to have a good friendship with me. The girl, Florence Bouba, from Cote D’Ivore, who is residing at the N’dioum refugee camp in Dakar Senegal as the result of the civi ...
471 views|13 replies
Shares Dear mum,happy birthday!
Andrewzhong 2011-3-13 19:46
In your eyes, We are just the kids forever. You bring up us three sons in your whole life. And you're proud of yours sons. When mention us with someone, Your kind face always shows the smile. From we born till now, In each dark night, You care about us. In each cold nigh ...
492 views|6 replies


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