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Shares Cherish
2013-4-7 17:21
Today I am less busy than before,as if it is a little bit hard for me to enjoy the kind of situation.So I was trying to looking for something meaningful to do so that my following work can be pretty well prepared and listed.At the key point, one thing crushed my mind,oh, Yes,why not squeezing a sec ...
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Shares Writing at the end of Aug and the begining of Sep
2011-8-31 11:07
Around 9:00 am in the morning,,after entering into the office,I hada strong desire to write something here today.Finished my urgent and important daily round wihin one hour ,like checking my mail box and replying mails,if there is no customer online, th ...
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Shares how much progress we need to make everyday ?
2011-6-22 11:35
How time flies!I have entered into the real society for nearly 3 years since 2008 I graduated from university ,as if hard to imagine what have happed in my past 3 years,even if I can clearly memorize what I encounteredand what Ienjoyed and encouraged.To some extent,I guess, maybe ...
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Shares record sth rather than practice English
2011-3-18 11:46
I have been joined in the DioEnglish for nearly one year, as long as I have spare time,I will creep into the wonderful place to read others' story and mood ,but I never publish a blog or a miniblog until this week. Maybe ,my finally purpose is just to fetch a a ...
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