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  • happy NEW year! having a little bit of deja vu. but gotta be a new and improved me in the new year. 2012, somehow, is here. Reply
  • here today, gone tomorrow but you have to walk a thousand miles Reply
  • it's freezing! please let me and the coldness coexist, for once, mkay?! gosh, now I'm really willing to try freelancing and working at home until spring comes. winter is definitely my arch-enemy! Reply
  • havent got the chance to keep writing and update the travelogues yet. the trip is gonna end soon and totaly phyched to start anew! greetings from down the south. lovin' it along the coast! Reply
  • It's been a whirlwind and it's almost the end of this long-term and long-distance trip. bittersweet, full of joy and tears. now I'm gonna embark on a brand new lofe and farewell to the past. Reply
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rich 2011-10-18 19:19
highfive: oh, and is your birthday really in 10.10 or it's just a cover for the internet account, if it's true, happy b-day and best regards!
oh, thank you so much! it is so special for me. i have to tell you the truth. it was the date my mom told me but on the lunar calendar. i never bothered to find out which date it is on the solar calendar. and i do celebrate on that date if i ever do. so thank you again. good luck with your job. :-)
rich 2011-10-16 11:28
how are you doing? got a good job? somewhere in the south? think of you sometimes. i just want to say hi and best wishes.
2010jj 2011-9-25 22:04
highfive: me, too.  miss you and other friends on dio.  what we get to share here is really special.   I'm good, just starting to settle down and pull everythin
I'm very happy to receive your message!
2010jj 2011-9-25 10:02
Long time no see. How are you doing? I a little bit miss you! Hoping everything is ok with you!
rich 2011-5-24 14:03
seems a long time since last chat. know you're traveling, already in Sanyan? wherever you are, you have my best wishes. also hope you'll get a job that you desire to have. just be careful on the road. somehow you remind me of Li Bai, who also travelled a lot during his lifetime. actually i wish to be a person like him. i admire you for your determination to do what you like. the best of luck.
glambert 2011-4-28 09:33
highfive : I totally adore him and honestly he was the only reason that kept me watching season 8.  He was more talented than the bunch altogether.   I like his wow, absolutely, you are a real glambert, you know what, i have never met glambert in china,even imagine having met another glambert in beijing...he's the only reason kept you watching american idol season 8...actually...he is the reason that kept me leaning know my majoy is chemistry engineering, so ... ...
glambert 2011-4-27 10:49
hey, it's such a honor to have met another glambert in beijing~i love adam lambert sooo much, such a nice guy i have never met before, adorable, talent...can't stop when i mention him, i am curious how much do you like him? add my QQ number if you want to keep in touch~wish you a nice day~
O'Bright 2011-2-22 22:04
hi. good to see you.
gys44 2011-2-1 10:05
highfive: yep, the details and troubles sometimes make people wanna scream and swear.  I know I swear dirty words secretly in my mind when filling the endless a
best wishes to you all the same~
gys44 2011-1-31 18:22
highfive: nice to c u 2!  
I also happen to be helping with the application of the dean's daughter these days, and I'm almost worn out and tired of all the bori
aha, thanks for your best wishes, also hope you a  brilliant new year~~~btw, there are so many details and troublesome stuff in application, god bless me~~~~
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