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happy NEW year! having a little bit of deja vu. but gotta be a new and improved me in the new year. 2012, somehow, is here.
  • rainbowgirl: happy new year,best wishes! (1-6 12:57)
  • highfive: Thank you so much! the same to you. all the best~ (1-6 14:23)
  • rainbowgirl: (1-8 14:09)
2012-1-6 12:47 Reply|
here today, gone tomorrow but you have to walk a thousand miles
2011-12-16 05:47 Reply|
it's freezing! please let me and the coldness coexist, for once, mkay?! gosh, now I'm really willing to try freelancing and working at home until spring comes. winter is definitely my arch-enemy!
2011-12-9 21:51 Reply|
havent got the chance to keep writing and update the travelogues yet. the trip is gonna end soon and totaly phyched to start anew! greetings from down the south. lovin' it along the coast!
2011-10-18 19:10 Reply|
It's been a whirlwind and it's almost the end of this long-term and long-distance trip. bittersweet, full of joy and tears. now I'm gonna embark on a brand new lofe and farewell to the past.
2011-9-24 01:30 Reply|
it has been exactly a year since I started my work life fresh out of university. bittersweet, mixed feelings. leaving kunming for lijiang, partly psyched, partly nolstagic.
  • 2010jj: You have really been to some places. (9-25 10:14)
  • highfive: yep, but not so much, just around southern china, tho. but it's worthwhile. (9-25 21:30)
2011-7-22 00:59 Reply|
leaving guangzhou for fenghuang. pack again. YHA now becomes more than a home to me~ lovin' it!
2011-6-17 02:16 Reply|
farewell to all the awesome people that I met on the road...miss you all and rock on! next stop...guangxi...and a life-altering decision to pressure, lol
  • 2010jj: Cool ! have you thougth to write down something that happened during this trip? (6-1 22:01)
2011-6-1 03:19 Reply|
living in the moment, and forget about everything. I guess it is so right to say that people do not get old slowly, but get old suddenly, in one day, at one moment. now I feel exactly like that.
  • 2010jj: why do you have this feeling? (5-14 21:10)
  • highfive: lol, I dont even know why, I guess feelings are always subjective and spontaneous, right? (5-15 00:27)
  • 2010jj: I see. When i was walking along the street, i felt the same way with you. (5-15 16:30)
2011-5-14 01:15 Reply|
living in the moment, and forget about everything. I guess it is so right to say that people do not get old slowly, but get old suddenly, in one day, at one moment. now I feel exacly like that.
2011-5-14 01:13 Reply|
pack my bag and good to go. next stop: sanya~
  • JMZ: Have a good time! (5-10 09:25)
  • highfive: Thank you. I'm having a great time. (5-13 02:24)
2011-5-9 18:59 Reply|
just watched EAT PRAY LOVE and it was uncanny. hit the road, enjoy the trip. cannt remember the accurate italian phrases of "simply enjoy it while doing nothing" & "let's ge
2011-5-4 18:39 Reply|
sometimes the fun amd thrill are exactly along with the adventures and risks. life is short, play more. argurably havin' the best time of my life. lol
2011-5-3 20:47 Reply|
arrived safe & sound, I'm lovin' it! think I might stay and never come back. The places and people here are so awesome! havin' a great time!
2011-5-2 17:34 Reply|
2011-4-30 04:08 Reply|
It's an end to the old city. It's a beginning to a new paradise.
  • winner: what do you mean ? (4-24 22:55)
  • highfive: It means I'm gonna leave Beijing and travel to different beautiful places to find myparadise, (4-24 23:51)
2011-4-24 19:27 Reply|
In sharp contrast to the awkward guy in my last blog entry, this is a truly sincere, elegant attempt and a beautiful, heartwarming story:
  • Tracy1987: nice story (4-24 19:48)
  • highfive: yeah, the story totally reminded me of the lyrics in James Blunt's You's're beautiful. It's quite touching. (4-24 20:06)
  • Kevin_z: Today I attended the wedding ceremony of one of my high school classmates, the poster said"Bus Romance" because they met each other on bus. (4-24 20:28)
  • highfive: sounds really cool and romantic! see? said it in last entry that I just can't believe it, this year it seems everybody is getting married. (4-24 22:06)
2011-4-24 16:57 Reply|
Purse was just stolen! Everybody please be pretty careful of thieves in supermarkets. They were swift & smooth. I hate to go through the trouble of opening new accounts and retrieving the money!
2011-4-23 20:28 Reply|
first thing this morning: decided to pack and leave by the end of April. feeling both tranquil and excited! setting out for adventure once again!
  • 2010jj: Have a good trip! (4-17 21:17)
  • highfive: Thank you. Hope I will. Packing & preparing is such a torture, lol~ (4-18 20:08)
  • 2010jj: Yes, I always forget to get something when i set out. Hoping you put everything in order (4-18 20:15)
  • highfive: yeah, I'll try my best. I'm leaving and gone for good after all, so I'll have to put all my stuff in order, pack, send back home or throw away once and for all, cuz I'm moving to the south for (4-18 22:22)
  • 2010jj: May I ask where you will go ? (4-19 10:14)
  • highfive: well, I'm planning on living in Hainan for a few months and travel to the southern cities afterwards, then decide which city I like the most and would like to stay for longer ~ (4-20 06:30)
  • 2010jj: That is a really wonderful plan. I admire you a lot, because i have dreamed of travelling different places just like you. I believe most of us have such a dream like that. However, few of them can mak (4-20 19:20)
  • highfive: thx, well, I havent set out yet and I'm sure there are lots of difficulties that I'll confront and lots of moments that I'll doubt why I gave up the stable life in Beijng. but in the end, I hope one d (4-20 21:59)
  • highfive: I hope one day when I look back, I could say that this is the best decision that I've ever made~ (4-20 22:00)
  • 2010jj: I back you up. In fact, most of us want to experience a different life. After living in a place for a long time, you may not want to change the way you live. On the other hand, you may be dying to cha (4-21 15:02)
  • highfive: exactly! thanks for wishing me well and all the support. it's really nice. I'll try my best and hopefully all the material things that I gave up turn out worthwhile (4-21 17:50)
2011-4-6 09:08 Reply|
had a blast reuniting with best friends and other middle school classmates. I miss those good ol' days so much!
2011-3-14 12:36 Reply|

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