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115 views. 2024-7-1 12:59

Just among the flourishing weeds,
I collected ripe black onion seeds.
Although there was a light breeze,
Face rolled down the sweat beads.

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Reply Sumingyu 2024-7-2 12:38
Really prize what we possess.
Never envy anyone's success.
Fully enjoy available pleasure.
Free ourselves from pressure.
Reply Sumingyu 2024-7-3 18:10
Our culture is quite grand.
All can study at first hand.
Many leave for other land.
That we can’t understand.
Reply Sumingyu 2024-7-4 15:59
Black-haired leave the white.
That is really mournful sight.
Everything has an exception.
To all of us this may happen.
Reply Sumingyu 2024-7-5 10:26
If not withdraw from this race,
Joe Biden is likely to lose face.
Aged ones should stand aside.
The young might well preside.
Reply Sumingyu 2024-7-6 17:35
I collect left seeds today,
As rain permits no delay.
For fear they may decay,
I get in them right away.
Reply Sumingyu 2024-7-7 15:31
Labor has won a landslide.
Conservative is cast aside.
PM really requires change.
It is truly nothing strange.
Reply Sumingyu 2024-7-8 13:20
Neighbor's door locked for days.
We'd been deprived of sun rays.
Something may have happened.
But now nothing I have learned.
Reply Sumingyu 2024-7-9 18:57
First day of summer vacation.
Reappears the eye of heaven.
I manage to dry onion seeds.
Weather meets all my needs.
Reply Sumingyu 2024-7-10 18:38
When young I had a dream.
But it's dispersed as steam.
Then I was really romantic.
Life tells me to be realistic.
Reply Sumingyu 2024-7-11 17:16
Weather lets my wear soak.
Tend to prevent heatstroke.
I move a little early or late.
Very rare to go out of gate.
Reply Sumingyu 2024-7-12 17:21
Among the work in piles,
First tackle the roof tiles.
Spread the plastic under.
Assure no leaking longer.
Reply Sumingyu 2024-7-13 15:26
The rain reduces the heat.
So I can take writing seat.
Now and then had to rest.
That meets without quest.

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