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frist time.. 2009-03-18
it is my frist time to write something in english and online..... so nervous......kiki.. if u are interested in me plz add me h ...
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RXForever 2009-8-30 16:59
yojin: hi...........
Bianca 2009-8-29 21:51
say hi~
Go_ES 2009-8-21 18:00
yojin: QQ.QQ!!OK???
qq?well ~~ok~~my name is
zhangqin_love 2009-8-17 15:22
yojin: hi...............
Amanda~ 2009-8-10 17:34
come to see u~everytime I see your avatar,I just couldn't help's so cute~lol....
Go_ES 2009-8-10 13:46
yojin: hey!!!you are older than me.....
hey~~little maidou piggy
guswls618 2009-8-8 18:33
yojin: no,i just know some simple words 。
i still cannot take the conversation...phew.........
haha~dont give up come on do your best
guswls618 2009-8-2 15:49
yojin: korean friend came back. we had a good time. so good.and now i miss her so much..kiki....
oh~that's so good. what about your korean?It's have progress?
monkeylinstar 2009-7-10 18:19
yojin: hello.....
hi~~~Maidou is so cute !
Danny❤1989 2009-7-6 14:48
hiiiiiiiiiiii~nice to meet u!
guswls618 2009-6-29 21:26
yojin: haha.. it is my hope... i hope you will have a spare time and teach me some simple conversation
yes~i hope i can teach you some simple conversation too but i so busy cause of not time online so much.

not in korean in english chat in this way it's ok ?what about your thought haha?
guswls618 2009-6-29 18:41
yojin: funny shebang?hehe......
today, i got a phone from my Korean friend.......
she will come to chine at July 15th.....
so i have to learn KOREA...
oh~that's so good. If have spare time chat with me in korean haha
guswls618 2009-6-28 17:39
yojin: are right...but the weather always upsets me ....
I can give you in a word "calm will bring  cool "haha~~

and any other funny shebang?
guswls618 2009-6-26 17:40
yojin: yeeeeeeeeeeeep!!! it is so hot..i hate this weather!!!
the hatest is the final examination.........
oh~just this?dont worry about it. i thought when i graduate the final examinaton is modal. but i dont know if your school is also. just find the information in network and copy it.haha
guswls618 2009-6-26 00:06
yojin: fine. but i always in a  bad mood, i do not know why...
it's so bad. maybe this days the weather too hot so your mood not so good. Perhaps you have something worry.if you agree you can tell me .Hope you have a good time ~
guswls618 2009-6-21 17:59
yojin: 师父,我来了。。欢迎欢迎我啊!!!ㅋㅋ.....
hi~how are you is everything ok?this days i'm so busy so no time to online. how about this past of days?
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