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I’m proud of being a Chinese

1328 views. 2011-7-4 19:07 |

China is a developing country with the largest population in the world. And, definitely, there are many defects not only in Chinese education system but also in democracy of its people. However, despite all the disadvantages mentioned above, I am still proud of being a Chinese.

As everybody knows, China is a great country with a long history. From the Xia Dynasty to now, China has gone through approximately 5000 years’ difficulties and hardships. And because of that, it has created the profound oriental civilization and its language is now integrated.

With all China’s been through, many good qualities and noble ethos have come into being. The patriotism and Confucianism gathered all the Chinese people together and also help promote the whole world’s education.

Nowadays, China is creating more and more miracles, exhibiting its brand new scenes. And it ’ s being playing an essential part in the development of the world’s economy, as well as peace among countries. The 2008 Olympics ’  being held successfully and the Shanghai World EXPO both proved to the world that, China is not only promising but also enterprising.

Therefore, as a citizen of it, whatever languages are far not enough to express my pride, of being a Chinese. 

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Reply empty~empty 2011-7-4 20:50
Reply JimHuang 2011-7-4 22:48
i love our culture and civilization,but melting with the world is the best way for us to move on.
Reply claire1989 2011-7-5 11:44
i am proud of being a Chinese too
Reply pheidippides 2011-7-5 13:41
Our motherland will be powerful,if all people think so.
China will be proud of you!
Reply onepieceluffy 2011-7-5 16:32

I'm agree with you
Reply rich 2011-7-5 17:12
i think we are all proud of being a chinese. we are proud that our country is getting more and more prosperous and stronger.

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