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In my deeply scream

677 views. 2011-12-5 19:44 |

   Upsetting parallels are now available in recently of my life.I really want to comprehend that why human must need to grow up?I hate it.
when i was a freshman ,I have a dream,I have passion.but now ,they are all gone.....I have no idea.
   In rencent years,taking part in the postgraduate entrance exams has become a new crazy among college students.Just randomly ask a student on campus what he or she is planing in senior? Quite possible,you may get the answer that he or she is preparing for exam.So do I.Every year, the people who take part in the postgraduate entrance exams is getting more and more.It has breakthrough 1.65 million in 2012.According this situation ,there is no denying that it will be more than 1.65 million in 2013,meanwhile,I am not sure in this fierce competition,I can stand a room......
   It is time to definited what is the really friend mean .....
   My aunt got cancer,she is a independent woman.Raising her daughter all by herself.To be frank,it is not easy.She  has a amount of passion,but never tell anybody,even my morther.Now she is ill,my mum take care of her,day and noght......
   Life is weakness ,but I never think about before.

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Reply snowflying 2011-12-5 20:12
dear girl, long time no see. i really miss you sometimes. because my daughter remembered you still till now. why you feel so upset mood recently? maybe due to the postgraduate exam, maybe due to your aunt's illness. both is the new challenge to a little girl surely. so sorry to hear yur aunt's illness, wish God bless her, cross my fingers to pray for her.

college life is basically same in large extent, but to attend the postgraduate exam is a way to relieve the employment pressure. nowaday, less chances for the common college students ,that's a fact, though so many clerks lack in so many company, but the labour unbalance status still exists indeed. so you should prepare enough for your future, that's a hard striving process too, cheers for you, dear girl.
Reply xiaoquan 2011-12-6 20:45
snowflying: dear girl, long time no see. i really miss you sometimes. because my daughter remembered you still till now. why you feel so upset mood recently? mayb
I am very glad to hear that your daughter still remember me .In the meantime,thank your for your advises and encourage,my honorific  sister.I miss you so much.

My major is psychology,however, in this current ,the major isn't have a  job widely.Now I am junior,i don't want to admit ,but in fact,I feel I am lost.I am not satisfied with just as a common student ,but on the other hand, I am so scare of the fierce competition about postgrauate exam or access to the society.....

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