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  • new job on monday!! Reply
  • Why when everything seems to go as you wish, something unexpected ruins everything you have worked for... it's so unfair Reply
  • just refused a job opportunity... it was the dream job but I cannot leave for China in 10 days... it was too much! I am so sad! Reply
  • tooooooooo hot! I want some fresh air! Reply
  • my new job was a complete disappointment... I quit!! I am so proud of myself! Reply
  • Real NameIlaria
  • GenderFemale
  • Birthday1986 - 5 - 5
  • Birthplace海外 欧洲
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possible 2012-2-27 20:03
hi,怡兰。is it your chinese name? nice to meet you here,i am wangbaowei from fuzhou,fujian.and i am a student studying in FuZhou University~you are no matter it is chinese or english.any mistakes concerning about grammar or others welcome to point it out..i appreciate it~haha.
qinqinjennifer 2011-12-30 15:57
Hi Lan, Happy New Year to you & and your family.
touringchina 2011-12-17 09:00
Ciao, Ila. What do you know about The Lost Roman League? Do you believe that some of them have settled in northwest china? I have read a report on CRI saying that a village in China is believed widely as the final residing spot of the league who came to china at around tang dynasty.
It is saiddwellers there show apparent Caucasian features: blond hairs,prominent nose, and with height over 180 cm.
如主文 2011-11-15 22:18
I'm leaving my footsteps here to show that I've come
Edelweiss 2011-11-11 15:46
Hello, nice to meet you here.
如主文 2011-11-1 19:53
怡兰: really? that's a real honour! I love my name and it has always grought me fortune when I was in China. I hope it'll bring good luck to your daughter t
Aha, I have to find my wife first. Really glad to meet you. You’re the first foreign girl to be my friend though I have several foreign friends before, all of them are boys.
如主文 2011-11-1 18:43
I really like your Chinese name. ‘怡’ means happy, ‘兰’ means orchid. Orchid is treated as the flower of honor in China and you’re happy orchid. If I have a daughter, I’ll name her after you.
snowflying 2011-9-30 16:41
as our chinese custom, wish you have a nice festival named"National Day"!
snowflying 2011-9-27 18:58
怡兰: wow, thank you! that's the best compliment I could receive! I love Oriental culture and idea of beauty!
but must look from the close photoes, may share some with me here?
snowflying 2011-9-27 18:06
you have a kind of oriental beauty,dear 怡兰.
snowflying 2011-9-23 07:59
wish you happy ,my friend.
moli 2011-9-15 14:22
Nice to meet you here!
lucille02 2011-9-1 21:48
u have a refined Chinese name
summerhill 2011-8-19 13:23
hi goodafternoon.
DESHENG 2011-8-19 10:53
Hi  怡兰
asacao 2011-7-16 09:05
You have QQ? haha,, fashionable
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