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A Story that Happened 3 Years Ago

804 views. 2011-4-25 08:57 |

She had died when the rescuers found her. Through the heaps of rubble burying her, people could see her lying facedown, with his upper body on her knees and hands. After one rescuer managed to reach her face and felt her breath, he confirmed that she had already been dead.

The team was leaving for the next collapsed building when the rescuer in charge felt something unusual on instinct and turned around quickly crying "follow me". Having reached the dead body, he stretched his hands under the woman and groped for something unknown. All of a sudden, he exclaimed, "A baby, still alive".

In spite of  great difficulties, rescuers cautiously removed the weights from her back. Under the body lay a 3 to 4 -month-old baby wrapped up in a small red quilt. Shielded by the body of its mommy, the sleeping baby looked unharmed. Its sweetness was so contagious that everyone around was filled with warmth. When one of the doctors removed the quilt, he found a mobile phone inside. As he took a casual look, an unsent text message caught his eyes, which goes, ‘Honey,  if you could survive, don't forget how much Mommy loves you’. Having witnessed too many sufferings of his patients, he was somewhat insensitive to the scenes of death. However, the doctor, with his arms around the baby, couldn’t hold back his tears this time. The mobile was passed around and each reader of the last words was moved to tears by the greatest love in the world.

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Reply will1549 2011-4-25 11:30
Reply rich 2011-4-25 17:40
i heard of the news before, but now once again i'm touched by your vivid account.
Reply louislaolu 2011-4-25 17:52
rich: i heard of the news before, but now once again i'm touched by your vivid account.
Thanks for the comment. I am very happy that you identify with me. The feeling of being moved is so precious nowadays that it becomes a luxury to many people.
Reply woops 2011-6-8 09:26
,easylier to be moved after I have a baby.
Reply bluephoebe 2011-10-19 09:07
This story happened during wenchuan earthquake. i lived in chengdu. after the earthquake hit, everything was in chaos.  some of colleagues went to the worse hit area to recover the communication system. we were left in the office, handing logistic stuff, trying to comfort their family, and praying everything would be OK. i heard this story from internet, radio and TV. everytime it would bring tears to my eyes. however, i never thought three years later, reading it again from your blog, it still would

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