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A terrible morning!

1203 views. 2011-9-24 22:43

   What a terrible morning I've had! I parked my car in the square and went upstairs to the classroom. When I returned two hours later, I found the rear bumper of my car terribly dented. I looked around and couldn't find the wrongdoer. I rembered there was only one black car to my right. I was almost sure that  it was the car that caused the damage. Probably because the driver turned the steering wheel so hard while backing up that the black car hit the right part of my rear bumper. I couldn't understand how the driver acctually let this happen when there were only two in the parking lot with enough sapce in between for him to turn around. Since the damage was done and the offender was gone, I had to face the harsh reality and pay to have it repaired. But the unhappy incident did leave me in a bad mood for the entire day.

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Reply 异物 2011-9-24 23:14
Take it easy, it's just a vehicle. There is no use crying over spilled milk.
Reply william961 2011-9-24 23:30
check the video,maybe it can confirm your imagination.
Reply snowflying 2011-9-25 17:51
surely, i can understand your unhappy feeling,that's a day's beginning after all. don't think more, because now the car more and more, the dreiver's dreving level doubtable too, regard it as an unexpected incident to deal with ,then continue your another fresh day,my friend.
Reply rich 2011-10-10 19:14
i understand how you felt, for i just bought a car myself. it was careless and irresponsible for the guy to cause the damage and then run away. things of that kind do happen to actually everyone from to time. so you are not alone. hehe.
Reply louislaolu 2011-10-10 22:54
rich: i understand how you felt, for i just bought a car myself. it was careless and irresponsible for the guy to cause the damage and then run away. things
People say that even if one has got the driver's license and bought a car, he has to pay a sum of money before they can drive skillfully. The repairs I paid to fix my car is only part of the cost. I believe you are a good driver, but I'd advise you to keep a safe distance from other cars while parking. You never know for sure whether the one who parks his car next to yours is a careful or reckless one.
Reply qinqinjennifer 2011-10-25 14:57
That's terrible, I hate the offender.
I always hate the one who drive crazy on the road and people who disobey the transportation regulation.
It's so dangerous to drive in crowd district or city.
And the one who irresponsible to hit other's car without any payment, it's the question of his characteristic.

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