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  • It will be a lucky thing for whatever reason we meet each other, know each other and are concerned about each other in the world. Reply
  • God bless her what? Reply
  • keep a childish young heart forever.regard everyday as children's day. Reply
  • miss is a magical feeling.out of sight,but in eyes.beyond of touch,but in hands.far from say,but in heart. Reply
  • what do my words express close to my heart,but deviate from my true. Reply
  • Real Namesnowflying
  • GenderFemale
  • Birthday12 - 21
  • Blood TypeB

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keep contact with whoever you remember(莫消失) 2014-10-19
Frankly speaking,my English is down now.In fact,it’s poor.Because of my graduate english exam,I review English.Now I’ve gotten my new master de ...
(1742) Views|(11) Replies
Congratulations for myself (为自己庆功) 2014-03-15
“Aha,you,a hardest task,finally comes to your end today”,when I clicked  out the last ”enter”key on the keyboard with my middle finge ...
(1807) Views|(15) Replies
Made purple potato pancakes (紫薯饼) 2014-03-09
In such a female weekend,the Wemen’s Day of March,it should be a cosy warm sunny daytime in the early spring of north China,while it became so ...
(1690) Views|(6) Replies
Make dreams enjoyment (追寻) 2014-02-23
A quarter of year passed once more from the last one.Actually time is flying just so so.Today becomes yesterday,tomorrow becomes today,day ...
(1373) Views|(2) Replies
lower into dust (骄傲低到尘埃里) 2013-11-24
Really so long my blogs haven’t been renewing indeed in my any net field.Has nothing must to be recorded in my life?No.Isn’t anythin ...
(2081) Views|(2) Replies

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shirleyytt2010 2017-9-15 12:23
snowflying: hi,honey,how about you?
Everything is all right with me, dear, just miss about you.
sunnyv 2016-3-3 15:26
snowflying: how about you,my friend?
Oh Snowflying, where have you been all this time and how are your recent developments and how you doing now? You have always been our good friend, so don't stay away too long.
ben. 2015-11-17 14:40
snow,snow~ i miss you
sys 2014-7-4 11:15
it is a long time you did't appear . are you busy ?
possible 2014-6-11 19:55
i will go to work next month in the city of nanjing...
moli 2014-1-28 11:36
happy new year!
ben. 2013-11-21 20:33
I think i lose a good friend like you, I haven't been here for a long time, and now , i am black.
possible 2013-6-26 14:56
so happy to know you back...
bigcat 2013-6-24 22:27
snowflying: merely sometimes miss you guys,the same wishes to you,dear friend
   thanks,me too
bigcat 2013-6-8 23:30
hope things go well with you,my dear friend
shirleyytt2010 2013-6-2 20:51
Hi, snow, how are things going?
yaping 2013-6-1 10:34
My old, long time no here! missing u so much!
Geoff 2013-4-21 22:56
you have not come here for a long time.
MRyang 2013-4-6 22:54
snowflying: really so glad to see you coming here today.actually we all don't visit here as usually as before.wish all of you well,my friend.
o,hope everyting goes well~
possible 2013-3-9 09:06
bigcat 2013-1-22 00:06
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