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Shares The Summer of Love(reading note)
2014-2-24 22:19
Throughout the summer of our love we realize our partner is not as perfect as we thought , and we have work on our relationship . Not only is our partner from another planet , but he or she is also a human who makes mistakes and is flawed in certain ways. Frustration and disappointment arise . weeds ...
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Shares The Springtime of Love
2014-2-24 22:03
Falling in love is like springtime . We feel as thought we will be happy forever . We cannot imagine not loving our partner . It is a time of innocence . Love seems eternal. It is a magical time when everything seems perfect and works effortlessly. Our partner seems to be the perfect fit . We effort ...
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Shares The Seasons of Love
2014-2-23 21:52
A relationship is like a garden . If it is to thrive it must be watered refularly. Special care must be given ,taking into account the seasons as well as any unpredictable weather . New seeds must be sown and weeds must be pulled . Similarly , to keep the magic of love we must understand its season ...
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Shares The Ipod 's History
2013-12-22 10:55
The ipod's history goes back to 2000.Seteve Jobs, the CEO of Apple, found that existing digital music players were too large to carry and had abysmal features. As the demand to downlaod digital music grew ,Apple decided to create its own MP3 player . On October 23,2001, the ipod was born. Jobs anno ...
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Shares Your Best Life Now
2013-12-21 21:02
Your Best Life Now has been a steady -sealling book on Amazon .com since 2005. This self-help book parents seven steps to follow to live life to its fullest . According to the author , you first need to enlarge your vision for your life . Second , you need to develop a healthy self-image . Third, y ...
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Shares Coca-Cola
2013-12-19 21:27
Today , Coca-Cola ranks as the single most popular soft drink in the world . But Coca-Cola was invented in a drugstore . John Pemberton ,a pharmacist in Columbus, Georgia , originally invented a alchoholic "French wine coca ", but due to temperance legislation in 1886 he modified it to create a non ...
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Shares The Secret of Audi
2013-12-19 21:09
One of the best-known luxury car brands in the world is Audi. There is an interesting story about how the Audi brand came to be . In the early 1900s ,a German engineer named August Horch founded a car company , only to break rank with his partners in 1909 over a dispute . As soon as he had be ...
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Shares Who Moved My Cheese
2013-12-19 20:42
Who Moved My Cheese is a great motivational book with a powerful message . This envisions a few way for how we can live our lives . In the book ,four characters--two mice and two humans ---live in a maze with cheese . Both groups are content wit what they have and do nothing but enjoy their routine ...
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Shares The Book Writed By Barak Obama
2013-12-19 20:42
Long before Barak Obama became president of the United States , he wrote a memoir called Dreams from My Father :A Story of Race and Inheritance , which has since become a bestseller . It is a compelling book which includes a sentimental account of his childhood along with his his early struggles in ...
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Shares For Women
2013-12-15 21:03
Many 20-something women spend much of their spare time looking for Mr.Right in places where they can meet guys, like coffee shops and nightclubs . They mistakenly believe that only a beautiful woman can attract a man . That is not yrue . If you want to attract a man ,remember that above all, guys w ...
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