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Shares The American Presidential Election System (Reading Training 14)
2013-10-9 15:23
In the United States,there are many political parties. But two are very powerful .They are the Republican Party and the Democratic Party . About two years before the presidential election ,members of both parties start running for president. They want to be their party's presidential nominee . The r ...
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Shares The Jury System (Reading Training 12)
2013-10-9 08:44
Most criminal cases in the united states are done in a trial by jury. Jury trials are an important part of the justice system .A jury is made up of regular citizens .There are two kinds of juries .a grand jury and a petit jury .A grand jury has between 12 and 23 members. The prosecutor presents his ...
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Shares The Three Branches of Government (Reading Training 13)
2013-10-9 08:44
The government is made up of three branches .They are the executive ,legislative , and judicial branches. These three branches of the government make and enforce laws . All three of them have their own duties and responsibilities . The legislative branch is congress .Congress proposes bills and disc ...
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Shares State and Local Government (Reading Training 11)
2013-10-9 08:23
The federal government in the U.S. it is very important .It is the central government of the U.S. But every state has its own government ,too. And cities have government also. Every state has a government .A governor is like the president . The governor is the most powerful person in the state .And ...
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Shares The Leaders of the American Government (Reading Training 10)
2013-10-8 22:20
ThepresidentistheleaderoftheAmericangovernment.Heiselectedbythepeopleandservesforfouryears.HelivesintheWhiteHouse.Thereareother& ...
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Shares Basic Economic (Reading Training 09)
2013-10-8 22:19
Infreemarketeconomies,companiesdecidewhatandhowmuchofaproducttheywillproduce.However,theyareinterestedinmakingprofits.Sotheydonotwantto ...
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Shares How Technology Helps People(Reading Training 08)
2013-10-8 15:17
Nowadays, we live in an advanced world .We use many new inventions that people long ago never imagined .In the past, people could not regularly communicate with others. It took days ,weeks, or even months just to spend a letter .There were no telephones .So people had to talk face to face .Nowadays ...
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Shares Money Management (Reading Training 07)
2013-10-8 15:17
When people work,they get paid .This money is called earnings.With their earnings ,they can do two things:spend or save their money .Most people do a combination of these two.First ,they have to spend their money on many things .They have to pay for their home .They have to pay for food and clothes ...
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Shares Different Kinds of Jobs(Reading Training 06)
2013-10-8 10:54
After people finish school ,they often look for jobs.There are many kinds of jobs people do.But there are three main categories of jobs.They are service jobs,manufacture jobs,and professional jobs.People with service jobs provide service for others.They night deliver the mail or food.They often work ...
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Shares Christian Holidays(Reading Training05)
2013-10-8 10:45
Christians are people who believe in Christianity .They believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God.In Christianity ,there are two very important holidays.They Christmas and Easter.Christmas is on December 25. Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus on this day.Christmas is a time of happiness and c ...
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